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Danny loves that it’s all about quality of business and quality of life.

I saw Mike speak at the Wet Conference earlier this year in Indianapolis. I’ve been on the circuit presenting at trade shows, exhibiting for a long time. Mike was, for short period of time that I got to see Mike, h was one of the most dynamic speaker I’ve ever seen. It’s not just the knowledge, it’s the application. It’s the how to put it into the application. After 30 or 45 minutes of seeing him do his thing in Indianapolis, it was apparent that I needed to spend some time with this guy.

We’re in our third year of business. Our success has almost been our downfall, as far as how quickly everything took off. We’ve been in pure reactionary mode. Just getting the money flowing at all times and putting processes in place. It became apparent after speaking with Mike for a short period of time. The whole thing of clarity and alignment and accountability, it might seem like he could offer solution that would more or less automate our business. It turned into a ATM verses a slot machine.

The drive, the laser sharp focus. You can tell Mike has devoured. I’ve read the same speakers, the Tony Shays, the Robins, the Zig Ziglers, the Napoleon Hills. Mikes seems to taken the 10,000 foot view that these speakers give, and bring it all the way down to ground level, with every nuance and every piece. Mike’s success in his field with his company, as well to do the level of business that he’s doing in a service industry in one isolated geographic area here in just New Jersey, is just astounding. Mike is infectious. You can’t help but when you’re around an elevated consciousness, by osmosis, you can’t help but have your own consciousness elevated in the process. Money well spent. Money well spent.

Were going to do somewhere around $4 million in sales this next year. We probably wasted $300 or $400 K easy and not being proactive and being reactive. Looking at the, not just the increase in earnings, the increase in profitability, but just the reduction of overall stress, heart ache, the insanity of going through the same issues, without changing our approach to change the outcome basically. I don’t even know how to quantify how much money we would save or earn in addition to what we’ve done so far. It’s quality, quality of business, quality of life.
Get your ass to Mike’s seminary. Get here and see what Mike has to say. I don’t think that anyone can walk away from this without multiple nuggets that are game changers that change the mindset.

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