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Cory feels this would be the easiest risk to take to grow your company.

Through my dad. He’s been here for about a year now, and he’s coming back in a couple of weeks, be about his third or fourth time, I believe. I think it’s the clarity issue, first and foremost, the clarity between all the departments and the issues that come up between them. He’s in the same business that we are in, and we are probably about where he was about 10 years ago, so maybe in 10 years, we can be where he’s at now, and he has the right attitude and systems in place to get us there.

The most powerful thing would be clarity and then the power of the videos and then the actual templates for the systems that we can put in place when we get back home and start brainstorming between everybody and come up with exactly chain of commands and exactly what discipline needs to be enforced and exactly the systems that need to go in place to be more successful and to eliminate on all the confusion between the departments and create more clarity.
I would say millions of dollars in the time frame from even as little as a year out to what our goals are to be at 20-20 and 30-30, which could be tens of millions of dollars more. It’s just to get the Warrior culture into our company. I would say it’s either the cost of joining or the cost of sending people up here to do it and just being scared of change. Change is not natural to people. It’s hard for people to change, but change is a good thing. You either grow or you die, as Mike says, so you’re going to either do one of two things. You’re going to grow, and you’re going to die, you’re going to make the investment, or you’re going to make the investment, and you’re going to grow, and then you have to diversify also, which we just did after my dad got back from the last time we added the plumbing department to our company.

I would say in business it’s all about the risk, and this would be the easiest risk to take to grow your company.