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Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Consistency will make your company stand out. It proves your brand to customers. Your ads and marketing get real when customers see consistency. It’s hard if not impossible to have sustainable success without consistency.

Millions of Americans are up late at night watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and/or Jimmy Kimmel Live! Why? Because these late night comedians are consistently funny, night after night.

You know why so many people are consistently lined up at Starbucks—like you, they want to start the day with a consistently good cup of coffee. You can count on it being just as good every time.

Consistency matters, but these days in the home services industry, most HVAC, plumbing and electrical shops are all aiming for customer satisfaction. What you need to do is to step up to the next level and WOW your customers—shock them by delivering amazing service that leaves customers in awe. But this won’t work if you have one or two techs delivering WOW-level service while your other team members continue doing the bare minimum for customer satisfaction. You need consistency.

Develop a framework for service to ensure consistency

To ensure that every member of your team is consistently delivering WOW-level service, develop a framework for service, a detailed outline of the customer relationship step-by-step (and even second-by-second). Think through what your best service call should look like.

What will it take to impress your customers? We found that it’s the little things that add up to truly WOW your customers. From the time your employee gets the work order until the job is done, what actions must they perform? What can they do at each point in that process to WOW your customers?

  • Before heading out, can your employee check to make sure their shirt is clean?
  • Can your employee call ahead to tell the customer they’re on their way and offer to pick them up a coffee?
  • How would you script the greeting? “Hi, I’m John from A1 Home Services. Nice to meet you. Is my vehicle okay where I parked it? Do you have any dogs or cats I should be aware of? Do you have any time constraints?”

That’s just the start! To check out the actual framework for service that I developed for my home services business, see chapter 7 of my book The Secrets Of Business Mastery.

Use your detailed framework of service to train your team. You can even prepare a detailed checklist to ensure that every employee is doing what it takes to WOW your customers on every service call.

The benefits of consistency

Your framework for service will ensure that every employee is delivering the same wow-level of service to every customer. This consistency will result in:

  • Customer loyalty – They trust that every service call will be the same quality
  • More referrals – Customers will refer you because they know you’ll deliver the same quality service to their friends and family.
  • 5-Star reviews – Happy repeat customers give the best reviews online.


Developing a framework for service and consistency will increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and referrals, and that means higher revenue and the potential to grow your home services business.

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