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Communicating Next Year’s Vision and Targets To Your Team [12th Day Of Christmas]

At CEO Warrior, we’re counting down to Christmas with some amazing gifts to you. Here’s a gift for today—twelve days before Christmas. (Plus I have another gift for you in the PS!)

You’re probably trying to finish this year on a strong note…

… and hopefully you’re thinking about next year too!

But, how well are you communicating next year’s vision and targets to your team?

All too often, service business owners can keep their business vision locked up in their own head and never adequately share it with their team.

But if that’s the case, how well will your team work to fulfill the vision they don’t know?

No wonder your team may frustrate you by not doing what you want them to do! Chances are, they don’t know what the big picture is!!!

Get everyone rowing in the same direction by doing these 3 things…

#1. Write down your vision as clearly as possible on a small (2-3 page) “painted vision”.

#2. Hold an all-company meeting and read it to your team so they know what your vision is.

#3. Talk to your team members individually and ask them how they see themselves in your vision… and what they can do in their role each day to help make that vision a reality.

Bonus tip:

make sure you create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tied to your vision so that your team’s daily work will automatically turn your vision into reality!

That’s it! It’s not complicated at all but that simple change in how you communicate your vision will dramatically improve how your team together toward a shared vision that they all know.

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