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How to Close More Sales in the Service Industry: Part 2- Sales

As we talked about in our last blog, regular, ongoing sales are one of the big keys to success in your plumbing, electrical, or HVAC business. You no doubt know the technical aspects of your work inside and out, but sales are how you make more money, get more customer service, and build a great team.

My goal with CEO Warrior is to show you how I put my experience in the home services industry to use showing other business owners exactly what I did to grow my company into a $23-million-a-year business. I know you can do it too, if that’s what you want.

Last time, we talked about marketing. Today, let’s take a look at how you close the sale.

Okay, so you’ve got the interest, but how do you get people to finalize a deal? First of all, it helps to figure out what you have to offer that your competitors don’t. Do you offer a particular service that no one else does? Are you more accessible, maybe offering 24-hour emergency service, than your competitors? Are you willing to travel to locations that other service companies might not?

Don’t undersell your competitors to try to be the cheapest option, but figure out how much your services are really worth—and then deliver on whatever price you set. Give them the quality they expect.

Finally, don’t forget to offer great customer service. Really listen to the problems your customers are having, and then do your best to address them in a way they can understand. Do everything in your power to meet their needs. Follow up with them to make sure they’re happy with the services you provided.

Keep these tips in mind and in no time at all, you’ll see your sales—and your business—grow to a level you never thought possible. Get in touch with me and I’ll show you exactly how to do all of these things and unlock the secrets of business mastery!

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Warrior”
Founder of the $28 Million Dollar Fast Track Academy

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