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Chris Kovach says the value is easily in the millions!

Oh God, how do you even put a number on that? It’s easily in the millions, easily. Took a stab at it. We’re right at 2.4 now just by implementing everything we’ve had in here. We could easily double our growth within one year and hopefully double it again the previous year so over the next couple of years hopefully we can turn a 2.5 million dollar company into a 6 million. Well if you don’t have an open mind, don’t come. I mean you have to have an open mind or maybe come and he can change your mind. But it’s obviously, if you’re not willing to work and not willing to put forth the effort, it’s probably not worth coming.

However, you know us coming we came in with an open mind and obviously soak as much information as you can and then go back and do it and it’s going to work. Actually my boss mentioned it to me which he found out about it at a service round table meeting and mentioned it to me. We sat down and discussed whether it was something we’d like to implement and come and try and of course both of us were on board with it so we decided to come. It’s going awesome so far. It’s kind of mind overload but a lot of stuff to remember. Obviously a lot of extra work involved that taking and implementing everything, however so far it’s going awesome.

Oh God, our marketing sucks. Yeah I mean that’s the biggest chunk is I think looking at Mike and how everyone set up when everyone knows how he wants it marketed and all the people that it’s delegated to that’s another thing that we’re trying to do a lot of this in house and it’s a lot of extra stress on me. A lot of extra stress on Dustin, which is my boss and it’s delegating it. That’s going to be huge. I would say number 2 probably just implementing core values. We already have core values set however, it’s not written, it’s not posted. It’s not out in visual. That’s going to be a very large portion of it. Making sure everyone has clarity, clarity.

I mean look at this place it runs like clockwork. Everyone has a task. Everyone has a job and we see that. Also we see all these boxes sitting around. This is equipment, this is money. It’s going in, it’s going out we can see and everyone has their own task no one’s standing around. No one is drinking coffee. It’s literally it’s like a well run machine. It’s proof, it’s proof, you know what I mean. We can sit there and see that you know, hey we do it this way or you know we implement the majority of this and this is the outcome. Obviously a lot of time, a lot of effort involved in doing that and we don’t expect it to happen overnight, of course. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel by being in this environment.