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Chris Edmonds says it’s a no-brainer to come! It’s well worth your time.


I would say it’s a no-brainer to come. It’s a little bit scary at first to actually make the commitment to come. I could tell after gone through it, it’s a no-brainer to come. Anyone who’s considering coming, absolutely. It’s well worth your time. The information you get is just tremendous.

Some of the biggest takeaways that I got is learning to build the culture of our team, the core values, and implement that so the team can really learn to work together and just become a great camaraderie and I think that’s one of the big keys to building a great business is just having great people. Developing a place to work where people really enjoy being there.I think the value of this is probably easily to our company within the next three years probably five million dollars in additional revenue.

I think that should be, definitely it’s worth five million dollars worth of increase to us.It’s just important to do training because you just have to learn to be a leader. You have to seek out leadership and Mike seems like a great kind of a mentor kind of a person. This is something that we’ve been looking for. We’ve been part of other groups and various things. Always seeking training to grow. Mike just seems to blow all the rest of them away that we’ve ever had any experience with from what we’ve seen.

Having the event right here in Mike’s facility, that’s one of the great things about it. You’re right here with his people. You’re interacting with his people. Seeing his operation in process so you know what he’s doing actually works. It’s not someone just a consultant who’s been in the business years ago or just visits businesses and so forth. He’s someone who’s actually on a daily basis running his company and you get to see that in action.

Overall the program is awesome. Just so many things that I’m just ready to get back and start implementing and taking an action plan and putting it into place. Mike’s just absolutely great with all the information. It’s just mind-blowing to me.


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