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The First Step To Changing Your Service Business

What’s Else Is Going To Happen Today? (Read This Now If Your Life Is Not 100% Perfect)

What else is going to happen today? What other headache or hassle will you have to put up with? What’s going to blindside you TODAY?

Maybe you’ve got into your truck, in the morning and you turned the key in the ignition… and before pulling out of the driveway you’ve wondered to yourself…

… Is one of my guys going to quit today?

… Am I going to get a bad review from a client?

… Am I going to get a job today or not???

… Am I going to get paid? Will I have enough money to pay my team?

… Is something going to happen that will completely blindside me and knock me off my game?

I know you probably feel this way because I was like you for a long time: You get up early. You work until you’re sore. You go to bed late. And you hope that you won today (but chances are, you don’t win every single day).
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And maybe it feels like the world is attacking you… that you move 2 steps forward but get pushed 2 steps back. Every single day.

Maybe the attacks are challenges that you face every day, like people quitting or customers who push your buttons.

Or, maybe the attacks are from well-meaning people who are trying to encourage you with words like, “Be positive!” and “Things will get better!” and “You just have to be happy!” (… but those words have the opposite effect on you—they discourage and frustrate you because you know it’s not an emotional choice that you’re struggling and tired).

… and it all adds up.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

Year after year.

… Until you find yourself (like I was a DECADE into my service business) FRUSTRATED AS HELL about just spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

I was waiting for an answer and maybe you are too…


The Big Question I Was Asking (And Maybe You Are Too)


Maybe you feel the same way I felt: that you were meant for something bigger and better and that you shouldn’t HAVE to struggle day-in and day-out for the rest of your life.

If only could find a key that would unlock the answers you need… a key that made everything just a little easier so you could get home at night to your family and not have to worry so much about your team or your customers or your payroll. (And maybe that you could also enjoy a little extra money… the fruit of your labors… to get the toys and have a little fun in life.)

I Had An Epiphany That Changed Everything (And You Might Want To Read This Twice If You Want To Change Your World)

I was trying to figure out how to make my life just a little bit easier, just a little bit better for my family…

… And I discovered the answer.

It was Me.

I had to change first.

Before my business could change… before I could expect any transformation in my business and my life… I (personally) needed to change.

  • I needed to try new things
  • I needed to stretch myself first
  • I needed to become comfortable with the uncomfortable (read this sentence again!)

You see a lot of people want to change their business and life, as I did, but they don’t realize they need to change themselves first. They invest a lot of money, as I did, in books and courses that don’t help them.

Instead, they need to FIRST adjust who they are inside: how they think, what they say, how they act, how they react…

… and when they change the inside, the outside magically begins to transform.

Let me give you an example. (And this one punched me in the face when I realized it!)…

I wanted to build a team of people to grow my business. But I was not an easy boss to work for. Then I realized that before I could build a team, I change to change the kind of leader I was.

The change was uncomfortable—first, because it’s hard to admit to yourself or to others that you were wrong; and second, because breaking bad habits and adopting good habits is tough to do.

But when I changed ME to become a better leader, I automatically started attracting better employees.

The inward change kick-started the outward change.

The Transformation Can Begin Today

It all starts with looking in the mirror and not seeing the tired, overworked, heavily-burdened service business owner who is just pretending to keep it together… but instead it starts with looking in the mirror and seeing an opportunity to DECIDE to change who YOU are…

… which is the real secret to creating the changes that you want in your business and life.

Make TODAY the day that you step up.

Make TODAY the day you become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Make TODAY the day that you go for it.

Look, we only have one shot in life. Life is so short. Why be content to struggle? I’ve just given you the one massive key you need to finally get anything and everything you’ve wanted.

Look in the mirror.

Change your life.

Go for it.

Here are 3 Warrior Steps To Take Right Now To Begin Creating The Change You Want In Life.

#1. List the top areas in business and life that you want to change. Maybe your recruiting… maybe your company’s revenue… maybe the amount of time you spend with your family… whatever. List 5-10 of these. Then, ask yourself what INNER change needs to happen IN YOU to start creating the outward change. For example, if you want to increase the time with your family an inner change might be that you need to step up as a stronger leader in your business to create structures and accountability and expectations among your team so they can continue the business while you go home earlier in the evening.

#2. Look in the mirror and decide if you really want the change in life that you desire… and ask yourself what you are willing to do to create that change. Many people say they want to change but very few are willing to do what is necessary inside themselves to create that change. Most people reading this will ignore what I’ve written and will try to continue creating outward changes with little effect.

#3. Look into attending Service Business Edge, my 4-day workshop for service business owners. At Service Business Edge you’ll learn powerful strategies and secrets to transform your business but (and this always surprises people) you’ll also discover some inner strategies and secrets to transform yourself first. In fact, many people who attend my Service Business Edge start their inner transformation AT the event and then go on to create massive change in their business in as little as 90 days. Learn more about Service Business Edge and reserve your seat at

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