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How Callcap Can Help Improve Your Service Business

How Callcap Can Help You Improve Your Service Business



Customer relationship building is such a crucial part of running a successful service business.

With Callcap, you can stay in touch without losing too much time.


Your customers provide amazing insight into how you can improve your service business. It’s their feedback that’s going to tell you what you’re doing well and where your problem areas are.

So why aren’t you keeping in touch with your customers?

For that matter, why aren’t you talking to your people all of the time too? They’re just as valuable when it comes to improving your business.

Regular calls and messages are so important when it comes to building service business relationships.

And with Callcap, you can handle your customer relationship building with ease.


What is Callcap

Why do we love Callcap so much at CEO Warrior?

Callcap offers a whole bunch of services that make keeping in touch with your customers easier. Plus, they offer up analytics so that you can track the data behind the calls and messages you send.

They’re awesome if you’re looking to create new ways of communicating with people, both in and out of your service business.

You can use the service to automate calls, create surveys, send text messages, and so much more.

This creates a frequency of contact. The more frequency you have, the more awareness you build. Plus, the automated nature of the service means you save time.

As RedCat Racing puts it in their review:

“…Since customers are our lifeblood, it’s important to make sure we are taking care of them as best as we can. Callcap lets us do that while at the same time letting me focus on growing the business.”

And that’s going to boost your rebuying numbers.

Here, we’re going to look at three of Callcaps key services. And we’ll show you how they help with your service business relationships.



Service #1 – Voice Broadcasts

Let’s say you’ve got 10 customers that you want to call during the day. Each call has a different purpose. For some, you may just need to give somebody a reminder about an upcoming service. For another, you might want to promote a new service or take a survey.

We’ll estimate that each of those calls will take 15 minutes. That’s 150 minutes, or 2 and a half hours, that someone has to spend on the phone.

You could make better use of that time.

And that’s where Callcap’s voice broadcast service comes in.

They allow you to send prerecorded voice messages to thousands of people at once. That means you record the message once and then have it available to use whenever you need it.


What Can You Use it For?

There are a bunch of ways that you can use Callcap to improve your customer relationship building.

On the basic level, you can use voice broadcasts to send out maintenance and permit reminders. This serves a dual purpose. First, you ensure the customer’s ready for your team and knows what to expect when they arrive. Second, the customer gets a verbal assurance that the job’s in the schedule.

That’s going to improve their confidence in you.

Beyond that, you can use voice broadcasts to send out automated surveys. Do this soon after every job that you complete. This gives you a chance to gather feedback before somebody goes online to start talking about you. If you didn’t provide WOW service, you can use these surveys to find out what went wrong and fix it. Plus, you can do it before the customer damages your reputation.

Voice broadcasts are also great for improving service business relationships. They allow you to provide valuable information to your customers.

For example, let’s say you’ve got a service and want to let thousands of past customers know. A voice broadcast does that for you, which means you’re staying in touch. Plus, you save tons of time that you would have spent making the calls manually.

That’s not all.

Voice broadcasts can also help you with your internal processes. You can use it to send messages to team members relating to their schedules. Or, you could shoot out a broadcast about new training opportunities. Perhaps you could send out the occasional culture reminder.

It’s just a great way to keep your people in the loop and engaged with you.


How Should You Make These Calls?

You don’t want to annoy people with these calls. That’ll damage your service business relationships. Here are a couple of quick tips on how to make a good voice broadcast.

  • Tell the recipient that it’s a recorded message.
  • Talk about what the message relates to early so the recipient can decide if they want to listen.
  • Fill the gaps. Sending out 10,000 calls at the same time means you’re going to get a ton of people calling you back. Manage how many broadcasts you send out at any one time based on your schedule.



Service #2 – Automated Texting

Sometimes, you just have a quick message that you need to get across.

Voice broadcasts aren’t always the most efficient way to tell people something that you can say in a sentence or two.

Callcap’s automated texting service is another efficient way to communicate. It’s similar to the voice broadcasts in that it automates the sending of as many texts as you need.

As Charlee puts it in her review:

“Callcap’s texting platform allows us to track progress, review historical data, and stay in touch with our <customers> no matter where they’re located.”


Opt-Ins vs Informational Texts

There are two ways you’re likely going to use automated texting.

The first is to send information over to a client. Examples of this include appointment and maintenance reminders. They’re not marketing messages so you likely don’t need to ask for anything from the customer. (Be aware that trying to sell something with these messages could damage your customer relationship building. Always check with an attorney to confirm what’s legal in your area.)

Just keep your informational texts to the point so they convey what they need to convey.

Then you’ve got your opt-ins.

And opt-ins are texts that you send to people who’ve opted in to receive a certain type of text. For example, let’s say you want to promote new services via text. You might anger customers if you send those kinds of texts unsolicited.

You need to get them to opt-in for those kinds of texts. Plus, your state likely has a bunch of laws you’ve got to follow when it comes to marketing via text. Do your due diligence with these ones.


How Can You Encourage People to Opt In?

There are all sorts of ways to get people to opt in to your text messages. These include the following:

  • Offer a discount coupon on one of your services for opting into your texting list.
  • Make sure you tell people about it. Talk to customers about your opt-in offers via your website and direct communications.
  • Make sure you’re offering something worthwhile. Throw in some offers and useful information to keep those who opt in engaged.


Service #3 – Call Analyses

Let’s quickly talk about the call analysis service. The analytics that Callcap provides will help you to improve your service business.

Call tracking lets you take a peek at what’s happening as a result of your calls. You’ll get data about how people react to your voice broadcasts and what responses you get. You can even integrate Callcap into your website to see how many conversions you get due to the calls.

As Callcap customer Aegis Living puts it:


“I can track all phone calls generated by marketing efforts and know how to improve our staff performance.”


Callcap also offers a Call Monitoring service that allows you to record the calls your people make. That’s awesome from a training perspective. You can use these recorded calls to show people the right and wrong ways to interact with customers.

That means your people become better at building service business relationships.


Use Callcap for Customer Relationship Building Today

Learning how to use tools like Callcap is essential to creating a successful service business.

Your goal is to put systems in place that help you to scale without damaging your relationships with customers. Callcap’s automated texting and voice broadcasting services let you do just that. You get to send out important information, offers, and reminders.

And you can do it without spending hours talking to individual customers.

That means your customers get everything they need from you. And you improve morale in your service business as your people get to focus on their work.

We’ve only provided a glimpse of what Callcap has to offer in this article. There’s plenty more to learn about this and many other tools with CEO Warrior.

There’s just one question that we need to ask:

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