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But I’m Too Busy To Come To Service Business Edge

Service Business EdgeIf you think you’re too busy to come to Service Business Edge, make sure you read this little story below (then keep reading to find out what happens next).

If you think you’re too busy to come to Service Business Edge, your math is wrong!

If you think you’re too busy to come to Service Business Edge, this could be the most important thing you read all year…

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Guy With An Engine Light Problem.

Dan was rushing to his next appointment when suddenly his car sputtered once and then glided to a stop on the side of the busy highway.

Dan had a sinking feeling in his stomach because he knew what the problem was.

It wasn’t that the engine had died. (That was actually the result, not the cause.)

The problem was that he’d ignored his engine light for so long.

He was just so busy with work and family and other responsibilities; he just kept putting it off.

He meant to get around to it but just never did.

And now his car sits on the side of the highway. Useless; unmoving.

… And it would cost him a ton of money and time because he hadn’t proactively addressed the problem.

All that busyness in the previous weeks that seemed to prevent him from taking action no longer seemed be quite as important at the moment when he was on the highway, late for his next meeting and waiting the tow truck.

He thought back and realized that if he knew this would happen, he would have made it more of a priority and shifted something around to get the car in to the mechanic.

(But you and I would agree: the engine light was on… he should have known this would happen and proactively addressed the problem before his car died.)

Everyone Has A Story Like This

The story above is not that uncommon. Some people choose to ignore the engine lights on their car and hope the problem takes care of itself and goes away.

Most people reading this, though, would probably agree that ignoring the engine light is not a smart idea and you’ll end up with bigger problems in the end if you don’t do something about it.

Maybe you’re not someone who ignores the engine light on your car but here’s a harsh truth: you might be ignoring a similar signal in your business.

When I’m talking to people about coming to Service Business Edge to grow their business, I hear people tell me: “But I’m too busy to come to Service Business Edge right now… I need to wait for a better time”… and whenever I hear that, I always think of the story above—of the car with the engine light.

You see, your business has an engine light (actually, it has a couple of engine lights) and you just don’t realize it:

  1. Consistency
  2. Financial health and profitability
  3. Freedom and peace-of-mind

(There are others but those are three of the big ones.)

When your business runs well, things are consistent, you make a lot of money, and you sleep well at night without any stress. If your business is broken, one or more of those things stop working and suddenly you find yourself broke and stressed.

Inconsistency, lack of money, and stress—those are the engine lights!

Are You Ignoring Your Engine Lights?

Unfortunately, most service business owners don’t realize that being inconsistent, broke, and stressed are “engine light” signals, so they don’t do something about the problems. Instead, they go on day by day thinking that they can out-work the inconsistency, the lack of money, and the stress; they think they can ignore the signals and keep working.

Worse yet, many people they think they are too busy to do something about it: they make the mistake thinking that they can’t afford to take 4 days away from their business to come to Service Business Edge…

… but making a choice like that is the same as thinking you can drive your car EVEN HARDER in order to fix the engine light.

When your business is not running 100%, it’s tempting to think “I’m too busy to go to Service Business Edge to learn how to grow my business… instead, I’ll wait until a better time.”

But the question is: WHEN IS A BETTER TIME?

Is it next month?

Is it next quarter?

Is it next year?

Very few people who delay coming to Service Business Edge have decided on a specific, better time. They say, “When I’m less busy” or, “When my business is running more smoothly” or, “When I don’t have quite as many commitments.”

The problem with all of this thinking is: it ignores the engine light(s) in your business.

Three Possible Outcomes

There are three possible outcomes for when your business is inconsistent, unprofitable, and stressful; when it’s not serving you or giving you the life and lifestyle that you want.

Possible outcome #1—things will get better. In this scenario the problems sort themselves out and things actually get better. Sounds great, right? But has it ever happened on its own without any sort of effort or intervention from you or from an expert? Probably not. Businesses don’t “just get better”, just like your car’s engine light doesn’t just disappear on its own. And working harder doesn’t necessarily solve the problem either because if what you’re doing is broken (and you don’t realize it) then your broken efforts won’t fix anything… they’ll just make it worse. The likelihood things getting better is extremely small.

Possible outcome #2—things will stay the same. In this scenario you just keep going as you are. Sure, things are perhaps inconsistent, barely profitable, and stressful but they’re not horrible, so you keep going. But let me ask you a question: how long will this last? You might think it can last for a while but in reality your business is teetering on an edge and any slight change will knock you off. Maybe another competitor moves into your territory, maybe a vendor raises the prices on your supplies, maybe an employee quits… whatever the situation, things rarely stay the same for very long (and, quite frankly, they usually get worse if not addressed).

Possible outcome #3—things will get worse. Of all three possible outcomes, this one is the most likely by a long shot. They might not get worse right away, and they might not get worse dramatically, but things will get worse. Why do I say that? Is it because I’m a pessimist? No, it’s because every day is a challenge in business and if you are not fighting to improve every day, things get run down. It’s just like the old saying, “if you’re not going forward, you’re going backward.”

Time For A Hurtful Truth

Maybe you feel like you are too busy to come to Service Business Edge. After all, it’s a 4-day event, which can feel like an eternity away from your business. However, when is a better time? If the engine light is on in your business, then the best time to come is right now… there will be no better time.

Yes it will be inconvenient…
Yes it will feel like a stretch of your time and finances…
Yes it will momentarily add a bit of extra stress as you rearrange your schedule and get plane tickets…

… but just like Dan realized on the side of the road in the story at the beginning of this blog post, it’s easier to make a small sacrifice now than to be forced to fix something later when things sputter to a stand-still.

If you are waiting for a better time, that time is right now. There is not going to be a better time.

Ignoring, delaying, hoping, waiting… these are ultimately decisions that will hurt your business… and they won’t just hurt your business but they will hurt your health and your family. (Trust me, I’ve seen it happen over and over again with service business owners who delayed then wished they hadn’t.)

You’ll spend more and more time in your business and that will increase your stress and take time away from your family…

… all for what? So that you can avoid investing 4 days to learn how to fix things?

Here’s Why You Should Come To The Next Service Business Edge

You are busy and it may not feel convenient. However, when you show up to the next Service Business Edge, you will learn the following things:

  1. How to be more productive to get A LOT MORE done in a day than most other people can do in a week.
  2. How to run better meetings—you’ll slice your meeting times by half or even by three quarters. Suddenly you’ll have FEWER meetings and LOADS more time each day. (I’ve never met a service business owner who wanted to have more meetings… we all want fewer, right? Let me show you how.)
  3. How to lead your employees more effectively so that you’re not running around putting out fires or solving their screw-ups. (Believe me, you have NO IDEA how much time this will save you… if you are frustrated by your employees’ screw-ups right now, then you are only scratching the surface of how much time you’ll save.)
  4. A braindead simple strategy to instantly eliminate interruptions so that you can focus and get your work done without people disturbing you.
  5. A really cool video strategy to empower and educate your team without having to repeat yourself over and over again.
  6. PLUS, SWIPE FILES! A TON of swipe files. Not only are these proven marketing files that you can use in your business, they are all done (just change up the business name and contact information) and that will save you hours of time in building and deploying.

… not to mention the systems, the business-building and sales-generating strategies, the processes, the hiring blueprints, and everything else.

  • 4 days might seem like a lot but it will actually GIVE YOU many, many more free days in the future.
  • You’ll get home sooner each day
  • You’ll have weekends off
    You’ll get to take vacations
  • You may even get to the point (as I did) that you don’t even need to go into your business to run it

Add It Up And Compare

You’re looking at your schedule and thinking: “I’m too busy to come to Service Business Edge”. Fair enough. We’re all busy.

But let’s go back to Dan at the side of the road.

He thought he was saving himself an hour or two at the mechanic by ignoring his engine light. But what happened? He ended up spending even longer (and more money) to get a tow truck to pick him up and bring his car to the garage.

Not only did he miss an important meeting, he got worse news at the garage: the mechanic looked at the engine and said, “If you brought your car in for an hour when the engine light first came on, it probably would have cost you a couple hundred bucks. But now it’s going to cost you thousands to repair the additional damage.

Friend, the same thing is happening in your service business right now, you just don’t realize it: If your business is inconsistent, barely making any money, and causing you stress, that is your engine light.

… if you think you’re too busy to come to Service Business Edge, then you’ll run your business until it sputters and falters on the side of the road.

… But if you make the slightly inconvenient “sacrifice” (investment!) of coming for 4 days to Service Business Edge, you’ll actually discover how to save time, build a consistent business, make more money, and create a business that is not stressful at all.

As someone who owned a service business that did just that, I was able to turn things around and grow my business massively and I want to help you skip the pain and frustration and get straight to growth right now.

One Action Step

There is just one action step to take right now: Go to and get your ticket.

Today. Do it right now. (Yes, I know you’re busy and the temptation is to put it off… but NOW is the best time.)

This could be the most important thing you do. And now is the best time to do it.

And, it is an investment of 4 days that will save you so much more time in the future.

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