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Business Expert Starts Mentoring Service for Other Entrepreneurs

Business Expert Starts Mentoring Service for Other Entrepreneurs

Through CEO Warrior, Mike Agugliaro Aims to Help Others Achieve Success

East Brunswick, N.J. Dec. 4, 2013 – Entrepreneur and business mentor Mike Agugliaro announces the launch of CEO Warrior, a new business concept based on his remarkable success in leading other business owners toward achieving their business goals and vision.

Agugliaro spent more than two decades building and growing one of New Jersey’s largest and most well respected home services companies, Gold Medal Service, from a startup to a $20 million-a-year business. His experience in entrepreneurship and business development made it a natural transition into professional coaching.

“I developed the idea for CEO Warrior through many years mentoring small to medium-sized service businesses in the most effective methods to increase profits while building a truly successful enterprise,” said Agugliaro. “Through my own experience, and now with CEO Warrior, I hope to share what I consider to be the secrets of business mastery to others.”

Agugliaro already boasts many happy clients in his mentoring portfolio, featuring businesses from a wide array of home service industries.

“Any service business that’s not reaching its full potential is a business I can help,” stressed Agugliaro. “If you think your business is not performing at its ultimate highest purpose, you may need new ideas, innovative processes, marketing savvy, advanced technology knowledge and the mind of a short- and long-term business professional to give you the jump start you need.”

CEO Warrior is poised to address whatever concerns business owners may have about moving their business to the next level.  Agugliaro makes each client’s business his top priority to help transform it into a high-performance enterprise with his business coaching services.

About CEO Warrior

CEO Warrior is a business consulting and mentoring firm, providing tested and proven methods to defeat the roadblocks that prevent small to mid-sized businesses from achieving their ultimate success. By performing a meticulous business audit, CEO Warrior targets the specific areas each business needs to address, eliminate, enhance or add in order to reach their business goals and attain what every business owner wants in the end: financial independence. For more information about CEO Warrior, visit or call Mike Agugliaro at 732-513-8601.

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