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Business Breakthroughs – Are You a Warrior or a Whimpet?

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja, brings to you a Business Breakthrough on being a business Warrior.

Do you wake up in the morning and tackle what needs to happen? Do you drive results? Do you just figure it out? Or, do you whine like a whimpet?

Next time you are whining about problems that you created, stare in the mirror for 5 minutes and watch yourself whine. Get it all out! Stare at yourself and tell yourself everything. All the excuses!

Then when you are done, you are done!

It’s time to invest in you! Time to get back to you!

It is hard to build a business when others see you behaving in a way that does not help reinforce.

First step of leadership is how you stand, your physiology, how you stand there present for your employees. Accepting the good; challenging the bad, and enjoying the amazing things that happen.

Today’s challenge is all you. Step up to you in front of the mirror and see who you really are and then become who you want to be! You can change. It’s up to you!

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