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Business Breakthroughs – Ownership Mentality

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja, brings to you a Business Breakthrough on ownership mentality.

We’re not talking about your ownership mentality.

What is your employees’ ownership mentality?

Are you allowing them to act like owners, or are you just telling them how they’re only employees?

See, most of the time, our employees, our team, they have most of the answers to most of the problems.

You’re just doing a couple things wrong.

1.       You’re not asking them what’s broke.

2.       Once they do tell you what’s broke, are you taking action on it?

Allow your employees to be mini owners. Allow them to take ownership of the company.

No they won’t take advantage of it. The fact is, you have to give them a long leash. People are grown-ups. If you allows them to be amazing, they’ll be amazing.

But if you shove them in the box, they’re only going to be as amazing as you allow them to be in that box.

Today, your challenge is to go out to your team and tell them you want them to be owners in your company. To take on an ownership mentality.

That’s going to bring an amazing change in your company, I promise you that.

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Ninja”

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