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Business Breakthrough: Websites

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Mike what makes you a website guru?”

Well, I don’t know if I’m a guru, but I’ve figured out a few things.

And a couple things I’ve figured out is, when you’re playing in the world of the internet and doing things like pay-per-click and SEO, if your website is the lead capture make sure it’s good.

It’s the place where you want someone to take action, to call your company to do business with you.

If your site sucks, you’re not going to convert.

That’s what I see over and over again, is really good vehicles bringing leads to a website, and a really bad website that is not easy for the customer. It’s normally trying to shove 100 pounds of stuff in a five pound bag. It doesn’t work that way.

Make sure your website delivers the content that your avatar wants, not what you think should be there.

Don’t make them try to work too hard to find the phone number. Put that phone number in the top right, make sure it’s clean and easy to read.

If you want people to maybe click online – because maybe they’re at work and can’t call – make it simple. It’s as simple as a “click here to book online.”

So your business challenge today, is for you to look at your customer website. Make sure it’s designed, and customer friendly, for your avatar.

I realize you may not have the skill set to evaluate your website, so find an expert who can give you advice to make your website better than great.

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja


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