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Business Breakthrough: ID Badges

Today I am bringing you something that is pretty simple: ID Badges.

You’re saying “yeah my company has them.” But maybe your company doesn’t have them.

ID badges have a sense of credibility and trust behind them. Also, it says to a customer that they are safe, that the person coming into their home is from the business they say that they are.

If you google online, there have been people all over the country that dress up as service contractors and taking advantage of people.

The other thing about the ID badge is that you are being judged by the quality of everything you have in the business. So, if your ID badge is crappy quality and you can’t read it, it’s not graphically appealing, people are going to assume that that is the type of business you run.

The devil is in the details. You’re being judged more by the little things, than the big things.

We use the lanyard ID badges with the breakaway clips. So when guys are in the field so it’ll pop right off to protect them and their safety.

The lanyard allows techs to lift that up and show customers due to the slack given by the lanyard. If you have a badge that is just clipped to your shirt or jacket, then techs have to lean in which could be invading the customers personal space and make them uncomfortable.

Another nice thing about ID badges, is that you can use the back of them. You can put something that you want your employees to see all the time, and something that is empowering to the company.

You will see our core values listed on the back of all of our employees’ ID badges. So there might be a little more to ID badges than you think.

One last thing, keep it really simple. All you need is a name, a title, some kind of statement, logo and that’s it.

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja

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