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Business Breakthrough: Concept of Good

Today I want to bring to you the concept of good.

All the time I get on the phone with business owners, and I ask, “How’s business?” And they say, “Business is good.” So, then I ask, “Oh good. Anything you need to change?” And they say, “Nah. Things are going pretty good.”

So then I ask them, “If you had a magic wand and you could swing over something, anything that would take your life from where it is to wherever you want to go, what would it be?”

And they say, “Oh I’d like more free time. I’d like to travel the world. I’d like a different house, etc.”

Then I take the magic wand back a minute, and ask them “So now what’s good?”

Take that word good and own it 100% for what it is, because usually when you describe something as good it means poor, and great means good. But if it’s excellent or exceptional, that probably means you’re right on track.

Challenge your goods. Be honest with yourself and call it what it is.

You weren’t here for this opportunity to just be good. You are here for greatness. Be honest with yourself about what you want, and clear what you think things are.

All businesses have challenges, but when you can remove the emotion from those challenges, and look it as the business model it is, it will deliver exactly what you want.

So today’s business challenge is simple: The next time someone asks you “How is business?” and you say good, you should follow that up with shitty because that’s really what you’re saying, or change it to great and then share what’s so great.

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja

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