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Build Up Confidence in Your Team Members

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Confident business owners run their businesses better than owners lacking in confidence—far better! They position their service businesses to grow and dominate their markets. The most successful service business owners are confident in themselves, in their team, and in their vision for their business. The result of this confidence is a team of people who are confident in their leader, in the business vision, and in themselves.

Why you need confidence

Confidence is a firm belief in oneself and one’s abilities. You need confidence to build a successful service business. Why?

  • Believing in yourself can help you believe in others, give you a more optimistic outlook and position you to be able to build up their confidence too. (connection)
  • Your team will follow you as the leader when they hear the confidence in your voice and see it in the way you think and act. (leadership)
  • You can influence your team members and help them to stop them panicking, almost like you share some of your confidence with them. (influence)
  • And, as Joe Namath said, “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” (passion)

Why your team members need confidence

Given what confidence can do for you, isn’t it obvious that you would want your team members to have this too? Here’s what happens when you help your team members be more confident:

  • Your service experts will come across as credible and customers will be more likely to trust them. (credibility)
  • They will know what they’re doing and they will be able to do it well even in emotionally-charged situations. (emotional stability)
  • They will do their work more efficiently and want to improve. (continual improvement)
  • Team leaders will improve your systems, increase efficiencies, and boost profit. (leadership)
  • Your team members will be persuasive and able to close more deals. (persuasion)

How to build confidence

Do you think hanging out with smart, hard-working and confident business owners would help you become more confident? That’s the benefit of joining CEO Warrior. You’ll make friendships and get coaching that will help you get smarter, more disciplined and confident.

Boost the confidence of your service technicians by renaming them service experts. Let them know you’re doing this because you believe in the quality of service that they have been providing to your customers. Not only will you increase their confidence, you will grow your business because, as Mike Agugliaro says, “Customers want a confident expert helping them—not someone who is quiet and shy and uncertain.”

Communicate your confidence in team members. Do you reinforce positive behavior with high fives? Do you celebrate big wins? When a team member is struggling, can you tell them you believe in them by saying, “You got this!”? Because you’re confident in them, they will become more confident in themselves.


What Jack Nicklaus said about golf is also very true for a service business like yours: “Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work.” It takes work to build up your confidence and it takes even more work to build up confidence in your team members, but you’ll also be building a stronger, growing business that can better serve your customers.

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