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Boost Customer Loyalty

Every home services business wanting to boost customer loyalty should offer a membership plan. You spend so much money marketing for new customers, and that’s certainly important, but doesn’t it also make sense to maximize your services to your existing customers? You served those one-time customers well, why not work on converting them into loyal customers? Promotion of a membership plan is a great way of showing all the valuable ways you’re able to serve homeowners.

What is a membership plan?

In my home services business, we called our plan the Total Care Club. The idea is simply to offer your customers a package of valuable services for one full year for a set fee, like $299. This could include:

  • HVAC, electric, plumbing and drain inspections twice a year
  • fall and spring HVAC tune-ups
  • priority service
  • free estimates
  • 15% member rate discount
  • $2,000 in coupons
  • 24-hour emergency service discount
  • $50 in loyalty bucks for renewing the membership
  • financing plans
  • live technical support

Are your wheels turning? Can you see how a membership plan would encourage your customers to turn to your company for more of the services you offer?

Membership plans are not about making money—they’re about creating loyalty

Do you have a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club? Yes, Costco can make money just by selling memberships, but a membership plan with your home services company is more about creating loyalty by giving value to your customers. You’re encouraging, even incentivizing, repeat business. You’re letting your customers know about all the ways you can serve them and making it easier for them to rely on your home services instead of looking elsewhere.

Your membership plan has to offer incredible value

Don’t make the number one mistake with your membership plan. Too many home services businesses fail to offer enough value. You want customers to be thrilled with what you’re offering and excited to buy your membership plan. How can you offer so much value that everyone will want to buy it? How about $2,000 in coupons that never expire? How about live technical support? This is easier than you might think as most people call in with the same issues. You develop an answer bank. For example, when customers struggled with their new digital thermostats, we gave them a link to a great YouTube video that made it easy to operate.

Be loyal to your members and they will refer you to others

Give your members priority service and everything you promised them in the plan. They joined wanting to be loyal to you. It’s like you’ve gotten married: You’ve met each other, you like each other, you trust each other and now as long as you treat your members well, you will remain married. Not only that, but they will also be referring you to their family and friends. Offer members an incentive and they’ll make even more referrals.


Membership plans will get you into your customers’ homes more often, get you doing more work for them and your priority service to them will result in them giving you more referrals.

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