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Bob learned it was the leadership that was lacking.

Our company’s been kind of at a standstill for the last couple of years. Haven’t been seeing the growth that we want to, and so we’re looking for a jump start. With this program here, it’s opened our eyes to a lot of things, it’s the leadership that’s what’s lacking. That’s what we’re finding out.

One of the big things was the core values. I was asked a question about our core values of our company were, and we do have 7 core values. When I was asked what they were I couldn’t rattle off one of them. I was like, I know where to find them on the sheet, but if I don’t know what the core values are… our techs don’t know what the core values are. Not a very good leader.

It’s amazing that they put it on right here. We get to see first hand how this company operates, right around us. If it was held at a remote start he might be saying one thing, and his company might be doing something totally different. He’s got his employees here til 9 o’clock at night, with us. We got to see a whole interview process with all his employees here, which was an eye opening experience. It was pretty tremendous.

Earlier I threw out a million dollars as a value. I don’t even think that touches it, because if this is really the stepping stone, which I don’t see why not, if I go back and change everything that he’s taught me already with myself there’s no reason why this can’t be the jump start I’ve been looking for and my company’s been looking for for a long time. It could easily double it, within a year. We got so much growth potential, if we go back and implement the steps we’ve been taught. It’s endless.

Everybody always says, I can’t leave my company for four days. I would say, you cannot afford to leave your company. You have to. Dollar amounts, it’s a couple of thousand bucks, it’s not the end of the world when you talk about what you can do with that. You can make that up in a weekend and then it keeps compounding. If you don’t do it now, you’re throwing money away.

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