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Business Breakthrough: Workplace Communication

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business warrior here. Yes, bringing you another business tip. Why? Because I can, and second, because, look. I’m creating a movement here. I want you to just become better and better, more profitable so you can have more wealth, freedom, and market domination.

Today I want to talk about communication. Very different than conflict resolution that we talked about in the past, or leadership. Communication’s funny. Year after year, survey after survey in our company, everybody says, “I wish there was more, better communication, better communication.” Then I was like, “Ah.” It nailed me. It’s not really communication at all. See, it’s a clarity and alignment issue that they translate into a communication issue.

Why is it a clarity issue? Because here’s the deal. We were not good at telling everybody, creating alignment above everybody, what we were doing. Then, even when we were good at telling them what we were doing, guess what we’re missing? Why we were doing it. If you tell somebody what you’re doing, you’re then leaving it up to their own translation to figure out, “Well, oh, this must be why they’re hiring more people. They’re probably going to fire people.” No, that’s not true. We’re getting ready to grow, so we’re hiring more people. People make their own assumptions on these things, and those assumptions are very deadly.

Here’s what I want you to know about communication. One, if you want to improve it massively, just totally increase the level of communication in the company, increase the level of clarity. What are you doing? Alignment, making sure everybody knows about it. Then answer the most important question. Why are we doing it? This is going to improve the communication in your company.

All right, so you’ve got your action steps. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a very great day today and every day. I’m just committed to helping you get more wealth, tons of freedom, and what else? Market domination.

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