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Business Breakthrough: The S.L.A.

Mike Agugliaro bringing you, yes. What am I bringing you? Another video, I know you watch the videos. You know why? Because you love the videos because everyone gives you value. Here’s what I want to talk to you about today. I’m going to talk to you about vendors, strategic partners, subcontractors, all of this stuff. Here’s the thing that I learned, a lot of guys don’t use subcontractors and all this stuff because they have a hard time controlling them. I’m going to tell them look, first that’s probably a limiting belief. Second it’s because of you, yes you, it’s your own skill set why you have a problem. Let me help you get this under control. First when I’m picking a partner or something that’s going to work with us in my service company, first I’m making sure they’re a cultural fit.

I want when they’re in our company as even a subcontractor, I want my employees to look at them like they’re one of the team. Two, pay attention to this word, SLA service level agreement. I want to sign something with them that says, look here’s what I expect from you, clarity and alignment I expect you to look like this, dress like this, do your work like this, do your follow up sheet like this. See most of the time people are sending subcontractors, they’re not guiding them they’re like, just go do the job.

No. We’re like here, here’s the service level agreement, we want you to do the job in this amount of time, if you run into a road block you do this, if the customer has an issue you do that. At the end of every job you have your check off sheet to make sure for quality control you process your paperwork. See our subcontractors, they’re remotely but we treat them like they’re one of the family and the service level agreement has helped us make these vendor outsourced relationships amazing. I’m Mike Agugliaro I’m wishing you a better and great day today and every day. I just want to get you massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. You know I do.

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