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Reaching Your Breakthrough

Mike Agugliaro bringing you a video, yes from this crushed up sprinter. Can you believe this thing? This thing got hit on the turnpike, New Jersey turnpike, by a huge ass military truck, shoved 3 lanes over into a wall and crushed. I got to tell you the damn sprinters are pretty heavy duty, I’m looking at this thing, it’s the first time I really come out here to take a look at it. Look at the steel, it peeled it back and nothing happened to our guy, that’s the best part of it.

But that’s not what this video is about. This video today is about breakthroughs. Most people never reach a breakthrough, I know you’re like “You needed to use that bad thing, that 50, 60, 70 thousand dollar truck completely destroyed for your breakthrough point?” Well yeah, that’s a good marketing, is to make my point, put something good in there that gets your attention.

Now that I’ve got your attention let’s talk about breakthroughs. The reason why most companies never break it to the next zone is a couple things I learned. I happened for me, I was doing the grind for 10 years, same thing year after year after year for 10 years. Getting the truck, go to the job, climb in the attic, dig a ditch. Year after year. Now that I’m able to reflect back because I broke through, I’m always figuring out because guys are always asking me “Mike, what’s the one thing?”

There is no one thing but there’s a lot of little things that I did. I want to give you one of the little things is that, you know what happen was I kept going up to the breakthrough and stopping or I would start to breakthrough and I would pull back. So much of our breakthroughs from going where to getting to the complete other side is because we stop just a little too soon. We get a little pressure and we pull back.

You know another thing as I think about this truck, a lot of pressure to cause this type of damage, in business today there is pressure, there’s all kinds of pressure. Sometimes there’s competitive pressure, I know it’s a mindset, but there’s competitive pressure, there’s economic pressure, sometimes there’s cash pressure, there’s employee pressure. There’s all kinds of pressures and sometimes we push up against the pressure we’re like “Argh, no I’m not going go through. I’m not going to go through with the breakthrough. I’m not going to step to the next level.”

That’s why some of you out there are doing the same business or just a little more, year after year for what? 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. Someone sent me an email the other day, it sounds like they’re doing the same shit for 30 years and I’m sitting here and I’m going “Oh my god. Oh my god.” I’m like the tank, I’m like that big truck, I’ll just plow through all the bullshit beliefs you have and help you get through the breakthrough.

Look if you take anything out of this video please take one thing, it’s not about me telling you to do anything, it’s not. It’s about me telling you find somebody that can help you do something, help you push through the breakthrough, stay brave and get on the other side of it, so you can feel and taste what success is like.

All right I’m Mike Agugliaro, I’m committed to helping you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination and watch out for them army trucks man, you’ve got to be careful. All right take care.

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