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Business Breakthrough: Training, Managing or Coaching

Hey. Mike Agugliaro, bring you another episode of Service Key TV. In this episode, I’m going to bring you another technique on how to fast track things. How to get thing from where you are to where you want to go quicker, right? That’s what we want. We don’t have all the time in the world to be doing the right stuff at wrong time or wrong stuff at the right time, whatever it is.

So here’s what I want to talk to you about. I noticed a lot of companies they’re either telling me, “Yeah, I’m doing a lot of training.” Right? Or some companies say, “Yeah, we’re doing a lot of managing.” And some say, “Yeah, we’re doing a lot of coaching.” See, here’s the thing. There’s distinct lines between all of them and you can’t just be doing one. You got to do all three, but let’s break it down and really understand what is the managing. Managing is moving the pieces that you’ve already been training on. So somebody whose been trained on how to do their invoice or deliver wow customer service, whatever it is, and managing is making sure they’re doing those individual functions or those things that they’ve been taught. Now, if they just keep doing that, that’s great! They’ll always flat line, they’ll always keep right there, as long as you’re managing. Normally managing’s going to level set on results. It’s not going to spike results.

Now, when we go to training, what is training? Well, training is the skill set action of things. That’s where you have an employee and they’re just not figuring something out. They are flat line, you manage them, they’re doing a good job, but it’s not amazing. It’s not great. Well now I step in and I do training. Now I’m training them on the skill sets. Here’s how you do it a little different. Here’s how you tweek it. Here’s how you sharpen the ax, right? Now once I train them and they show that level and they practice it or role play, now I go back to what? I have to manage it.

Well, wait a minute. I’m managing and I’m training. What else is there? Then there’s the coaching, right? The coaching is the cheering on. Like, “Hey, great job!” It’s the feedback mechanisms, the verbal feedback a lot of times, that comes along the way. That helps empower the person. So make sure as you’re working with your teams or your employees or your managers that you help them understand the difference between managing, training, and coaching.

Now here’s what I learned and I learned it the hard way, even for myself. I learned that when we did one, and not one of the other two, we never got the results we wanted. We were always missing something. How did I figure this out? Just kind of looking at my own team and say … They’re like, “Yeah, we keep talking to them and we keep telling them to do this.” And I’m like oh man. That’s not training, that’s managing, but you’re not helping fix the guy. Then, they’re managing and training but then people would come to me and say, “Man, we just we go feedback or I hoped that somebody would say great job.” There was no empowering part.

You know, a lot of times, the fuel that helps an achievement is that coaching empowerment, right? The talking … And look, sharing the mistakes that people are making can be empowering too because not knowing is a lot worse than knowing in the long run.

All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day and I want to help you get the massive wealth, tons of freedom, and what? Yes, market domination.

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