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Business Breakthrough: Limiting and Empowering Beliefs

Hey. Mike Agugliaro. Another episode of Service Key TV and you see me in the beginning. I got that kind of look, right? I got that thing I’m thinking. Today we’re going to go back. We’re going to talk again about limiting beliefs. You know, a lot of times, when we talk about limiting beliefs, we forget about talking about the other side of limiting is empowering beliefs. What are those empowering beliefs that are driving us, keeping us going? I think it’s really helpful to make a list of both.

Let’s first talk about the limiting beliefs. These are the things that are holding you back. They’re the things that you think are true, and maybe some of them are true and maybe some of them are the farthest from the truth. Like here’s a limiting belief I hear from business owners all the time. They tell me, they’re like, “You know, I’m having a hard time getting employees, just like everybody else.”

When they say that to me, I go, “No, that’s not my problem, so please, don’t try to put your limiting belief to create my limiting belief. I don’t have that limiting belief. I don’t have a problem getting amazing A players and employees. But I could see why you have that problem, because you’re justifying it. You’re giving it the excuse and you’re like, ‘Hey, everyone else is having a problem. That’s why me.’ No, you don’t have the knowledge or the wisdom or the strategies on how to solve that.”

Here’s another one I hear. “Hey, Yellow Pages don’t work anymore.” Well, no, that’s not true. It’s still one of the second largest lead generators for us is Yellow Page directory. Again, here’s this limiting belief that you put in because you think it’s true, maybe based on the information that you have or the information that other people told you. Then you decided, “This is my new belief system.”

If you were to make a list. Here’s your fast track kind of challenge today. This is what I want you to take on. I don’t want even … I just want to pause a second. Get a pen and paper real quick and come down and draw a line. I want you to have two columns, limiting beliefs, and in a minute, we’re going to talk about empowering beliefs. I want you to start writ- … Let’s write down at least ten. Ten limiting beliefs you have about money, wealth, health, maybe there’s exercise in there, or maybe there’s family or relationships.

Start writing them all down, like, hey, there’s probably not … There’s nobody good enough for me, or there’s no nice guys left in the world, or there’s … All customers are going to ask for refunds, or everybody’s going to complain about the price, and there is nothing new on the planet. I mean, how could that be possible? We just sent and landed a robot on a comet that’s three hundred thousand miles away in outer space, right? Somebody probably said, “Oh, we just can’t do that.” Someone said, “Yeah? Well, watch me. I’ll build a rocket ship. We’ll land on the moon.”

Your first challenge is write down ten, at least ten. If you have more, keep going. Don’t stop the exercise, because once you get rid of your first ten, you might create a new ten. Then what I want you to do is part two of this limiting beliefs is I want you to write next to it. Put another little area and I want you to put, what has that limiting belief cost you? What has it cost you to carry this? The fact that you say there is no great employees, when if you didn’t have that belief and had great employees for the last five years, what would your life and business look like?

Then I want to give you one more column there to put. Now, this is a painful one. You have the limiting belief. You have, what has this cost you? Then I want you to ask yourself, what will this cost you? If you don’t get rid of this limiting belief and you carry it for the next ten years, what will it cost you? Will it cost you your health, your life, financial security? Will you be broke? I don’t know. I want you to put that down for you.

I know sometimes this can be a little discouraging, but it also can be empowering, right? Because how can you fix what you don’t understand and don’t know? I’m giving you a framework and understanding here. The framework is, look, there’s these beliefs that we program in our mind, like money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t know if that’s true. What if you have an orange tree or a lemon tree? I could take the lemons and oranges off and I could sell them, so money can grow on trees, right?

I’m going to help you with that framework of understanding your limiting beliefs. If you just go for your top ten, that’s good start. Then what has this cost me and what will this cost me if I keep carrying on my back that backpack of all those limiting beliefs?

Once you get through that, kind of, shake that off a little bit, and let’s go to the empowering beliefs. What are the things that you do right now that you know are empowering? Like the mindset, like thinking maybe when you say things like, “I’m unstoppable,” or “I never give up,” or “I’m an achiever. I’m always fighting for success.”

Because you can have an empowering belief, you never give up, and there’s no good people out there, right? You can have that. That’s kind of a little bit of a conflict. It’s like, hey, I never give up, but then on the other side, I have this belief. Then it’s a tug of war between good and evil, like who’s going to win that fight there?

After you write down your empowering beliefs of, look, I never give up, what does that deliver to you by having that? Maybe things like, hey, it helped me grow a company or I have a really great family or it helped me get a car or it helped me travel the world, whatever that is. By empowering, if I took that empowering belief and I could put a magnifying glass or I could put a little jet fuel in it, and just make it even more powerful, that empowering belief, what could that do? What will that deliver to me ten years to have that?

Now if I can take all my empowering beliefs, these beliefs that I have that are really good, really strong, and I could jet fuel them, and then at the same time, I could start challenging my limiting beliefs, what do you think could happen? Just like that, it could start changing things in a whole different direction for you.

Today’s homework, do your limiting beliefs, do your empowering beliefs, and then take some action. All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. Just want to help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. Have a better than great day.

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