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Business Breakthrough: How To Collapse Time

Hey Mike Agugliaro here bringing you, yes, what am I bringing you? Boom! Another video. Yes, I know you love my videos or you wouldn’t be coming back watching them. Today I got a great message. Here’s the deal. I want to talk to you about something a mentor of mine Gary J. White. He’s one of the master mentor’s out there. He taught me a great concept and I’d like to deliver that back to you because I use this concept a lot. Not only in my life, but I teach other entrepreneurs and men how to apply this. It’s how do you collapse time?

How do you get quicker results and more done faster than ever before? I read a book, I think it’s called Less Doing, and they call it batching. Same thing – batching and collapsing time. What do I mean? Here’s what we do. Most people they’re going for their jog, they’re exercising, they’re listening to music. Now music is fun, you’re exercising, but guess what? What else could I be doing at that same time? I bet that while I’m jogging, listening to music, I could be sending a love message to my wife or my goddess. I bet I could do that. Now I’m accomplishing more things. I bet while I’m jogging I could listen to a podcast and I could be mapping out a new system.

You can’t see my feet so when you see me do that freaky little head bob thing I’m jogging. Maybe a slow jog. I could be mapping out a system, listening to a podcast, and weaponizing my body. I want you to think to yourself. If you were to collapse time, do more things at the right moment, at the right space, to just make things go faster than ever, what could you do? I’ll give you a simple example. Every day that I come, when I do come to my business here in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I sit with my managers, we have lunch. During the lunch what do we do? We have our lunch social time, we go right into tackling some subjects. We do so many things in that period of time, we’re leveraging it for more than one thing.

Ask yourself. Where are you wasting time? Might be in the shower, might be while you’re going to the bathroom. Who knows? It might be while you’re driving. I just want you to get this concept. What could you batch, what could you combine together to leverage in a whole new way? This was a game changer for me. When you look at me and you’re like, Mike, how do you run a now over $24 million business? How do you run a $2 million coaching business? Mike, how do you invest in properties all over in Georgia and Columbus, Ohio? Mike, how do you go on vacation with your kids? How do you do fire walks? How do you teach martial arts? How do you do this? I’m not a magician, I just learned how to collapse time, do more things at the right moment just to make magic. That’s it. That’s what I want you to think about today.

I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you what? A better and great day today and every day. Massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. That’s my gift to you. Go get it now. Go get it, there’s the gift.

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