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Holding Yourself Accountable

Hey. Mike Agugliaro here, Business Warrior, bringing you a video. Yes. Just chilling out here at the Gold Medal Headquarters. Man, it is sunny right here. I don’t have my sunglasses on, but I’m still going to finish this video. You know why? Because I’m holding myself accountable to getting this video done. You’re like, “Uh-oh, that sounds like a trigger, Mike. What does that mean?”

Well, here’s the deal. I want to talk to you about accountability. For the first ten years, I wasn’t accountable to myself to grow. I only knew myself in the one little box, right? My box was, even though I wanted to do more business, I didn’t understand what it really felt like to be accountable.

As I sit here today, and I think about it, the fact that I run within a peer group with a bunch of my friends, right? Those friends, guys like Mike or Mark Evans or Samir or Syen or Joe Williams, all these guys, I’d just watch them run at a high level every day. They’re building, they’re growing, they’re changing. They’re focusing on their health and their relationships and their family.

When I see friends doing that, my peer group that I’m hanging around with, it just makes me go, “Okay. All right. I got it.” I’ve got to be held accountable to my behaviors because who wants to be friends, or friends with a business owner, who’s always dragging ass. Right? They’re always whining and complaining. Nobody wants to be friends with that person. It’s a drag.

Here’s what I want you to ask yourself. One, from one to ten, ten, you hold yourself personally accountable to your actions and getting things done to change the game in business. Well, one, you suck at it. You’re not even accountable to know. You’re like, “I don’t hold accountable to no one. I’m just above the law.” Guess what? Maybe that’s working for you or maybe it’s not.

Here’s what I want you to think about. What does the word accountability mean? At the end of the day, when I’m standing here, I’m looking at my company, I’m looking at some numbers, conversion and average, or efficiency, or production for my employees, I’m always asking myself, “Are they accountable to their actions?” If they weren’t accountable to their actions, if they weren’t doing good, guess what they would do? They would find a way to do better.

You got the message today. I want you to think, what can you do to be held accountable at a higher level, so you can just start to move … Damn bug … Move a little faster, a little further, a little quicker. I’m Mike Agugliaro wish you a better and great day today and every day. I’m getting the hell out of this sun right now. I’m committed to getting you massive, while tons of freedom, market domination. All right. I’m out of here. Everybody … All my guys are driving in saying, “Mike’s going damn crazy doing videos.” Have a great day.

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