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Bring Fun Into The Workplace

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, Business Warrior bringing you a kick-ass video today. Here’s what I wanted to tell you. No matter what business you own, no one wants to own for a boring-ass owner. People want to have fun.

Now, look, a lot of people confuse fun for non-production. I’ve learned that bringing a little bit of fun into the workplace can increase production. That’s why, boom, we got the wheel, because you’ve got to have a wheel. You’re like, “What are you using the wheel?” Use the wheel for anything. It could be that somebody got great compliment today and they spin the wheel. Let’s see what we won. Hang on a minute here. Boop! Ten dollars cash.

All right. Also, you’re like, “What’s with that crazy-ass ball?” Well, here’s the thing. A lot of times, I bring you guys great videos, great information, but I wanted to give you some practical things you could bring in your company. A wheel, it’s a great thing.

Now, don’t be e-mailing me, “Where do you get the wheel?” Go to Google. They got all the answers. Just be like, “Big ass . . .” It’s big, right? This thing’s about four-foot round, this wheel. Just go there, type in “big-ass four-foot round wheel” and you can change the things in it and you could have a little bit fun inside your company.

The other thing that’s cool is this is a ball. Now, I call this a Core Values Ball, or a Ball of Information for the company. Now, if you only have one employee, it might be weird. That might be called catch, and maybe the wheel doesn’t make sense.

If you have 5-10 employees or more, get a wheel and get this ball. The cool thing about this ball is, you just . . . Well, you could use it for two things. One, you could throw it to someone, and the person that has the ball, they’re the only person that talks. It really can help control situation.

I had to use that years ago. When we first started to grow about 10 years ago, oh, my God, we had like wild animals in here. They were crazy. It’s like I needed a whip and a stick to control these guys. I think we actually had a stick then. If you ain’t holding the stick, you don’t talk. It was like the beat-down stick or something. Now, you could use the ball for that.

Also, this ball, we throw it around. Whatever your thumb lands on. You throw it, guy catches it, his thumb’s on it, it’s like, “Oh, boom. Core purpose.” Stand up, make sure you know the core purpose. Not only are you having fun in your company and getting everybody engaged, it’s proven that when they’re having an experience of fun, that the information that they’re consuming, it lasts longer. It sticks in, creates permanent change.

If I just sit people in a room and I’m like, okay, let me teach you about a control border. Let me tell you about yard signs or something, they’re like, “Okay, this sucks.” But the minute we get engaged, and it’s like, “Boom! You see this? Yard sign!” They’re like, “Whoa, man, this is nuts.” People remember those crazy, impactful experience times, and guess what? Oh, did you see that? Double. You can have a lot of fun with it.

I’ll tell you what. One of the things, especially when I meet new employees, I got one question to ask them. “Do you like to have fun? Because I’ll tell you what, if you’re a guy that never smiles, you can’t work here because the fact that I got to walk through the building and see any miserable person, I won’t even do it. They’ll be removed. I’ll tell you that right now. If you’re unhappy, you can’t stay in my culture, because we have a culture designed by what? By design, not by default.”

You know what, it’s not about the wheel, it’s not about the ball. It’s about everything. Just get something to make a little different, a little more fun. If I had the popcorn machine kicking up, I would show you the popcorn. Everything you create, every solution you solve creates another situation. The solution was, hey, everybody wants an afternoon snack. The situation that’s created is everybody’s getting bigger because they’re eating too much damn popcorn, so now we got to do an exercise thing to combat for the popcorn.

All right, don’t get confused by all that. Are you with me? Bring a little damn fun, and if you’re not fun . . . I was telling someone the other day. It was probably about a couple weeks ago. They were saying, “How do I get guys to do this, and how do I get guys to do that?” I’m like, “You got to do it first.”

You see, if you’re a sucky leader, you’re going to create sucky followers. I mean, how else do you look at it? You got to be a better leader. If you want happy people and you’re miserable, how’s that going to work? If you come in with “ugh, ugh” you’re all . . . Who the hell’s going to work for that? They’re going to come and think that’s the normal behavior. That’s what you want.

All right, lots of value. Action items. Bring a little bit of fun, boom! I already threw the ball. Make sure, design that culture by design. Don’t be a boring-ass person. Let’s see what we got. Boop! 50! I’m committed to what? Massive wealth! Tons of freedom, market domination.

I don’t know when this video is going out, but make sure you’re looking for where I’m speaking next, because guess what? I’m bringing a whole new game out there to business owners. All right, peace out.

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