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Faces The Lies

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, brining you another video and this one is an interesting video I’m a going to bring to you. But it’s one that goes right to my heart and I am going to tell you why. Here is what I learned, I learned you’re a liar. That’s what I learned. Okay, I learned you’re a liar you know why? Because I was a liar. I was constantly lying to myself, I was like “yeah, things are going good”, lie! I hated where I was, I wasn’t happy where I was, people would say “oh, man this is looking good” and I’m like “yeah, it looked good”, lie!

You see what happens, and all of a sudden I’m like “hey, at any time, I can get in better shape”. Lie! You see, when you look at it, you’re a bunch of liars. You’re a liar, I’m a liar. But here is the difference, I have learned to face my lies. I have become honest with the lies. When I notice it I start telling people “you know what, I’m not good, that’s a lie. I suck right now. I hate what’s going on right now but I’m changing it”.

See, the sooner you get to gripes with the lies of exactly where you are and the exact reason you don’t have what you have. The exact reason your company is not there. The exact reason why… people lie to themselves all the time, especially in this industry. Their like “You know Mike, um, out here it’s very different, there’s no good employees” and I’m like “Fucking liar, how could you say that? 5 million people, no good employee’s”. Like are you kidding me, that’s insane to even think that way.

You see lies and lies and lies. And their like “You know, my relationship is really, yeah, it’s good”. I’m like “really, survey your family”. Liar! You don’t even know if that’s the truth. Here’s what I tell you.  If there is any video I talk about, this is one of the most profound things that you could serve yourself with. Is just sit down with a piece of paper and just start writing down all your lies. Tell someone else your lies. When we get our Warrior 100 together we do what we call a circle of lies, where the lights are down and you step in the middle and you tell your other bothers why you’re a liar. And when you tell the lie I will tell you the gift that happens all the time. Same gift, because I lead by example, I step in the circle first and I tell my lies. And let me tell you the gift that happens when you tell your lies. Freedom. I think the phrase is older, I don’t know who made it originally “the truth will set you free”. The sooner you tell your lies, the sooner the truth is out, the sooner you’re free. And I have to tell you, I have seen brother after brother, warrior after warrior step up and say his lies out in the open. It’s a game changer.

Tell your lies, I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you a better than great day, today and every day. I just want to get you massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. That’s all I want for you, that’s all I want. Get the lies out. Get em’ out.

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