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Business Breakthrough: Empower Your Core Values

Hey, Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another video. This one’s going to be quick and sweet. Here’s what I got. I want you to look behind me on the wall. These are some of our Core Values, Highest Level of Integrity, and Wow Service. How do you empower your core values? Well, here’s the deal.

You can’t just put them on the damn wall because on the damn wall people get used to it and they don’t read them no more. They don’t know what it means then. I want to give you a couple ways that you can empower your core values. First off, quiz people all the time. Walk through and be like, hey give me core value #1. Boom, they give it, it’s like boom, carrot. Because what I’m doing is I’m training. Like when we open our cage for our lizard Copper, you grab the cricket thing, lizard’s like – oh, cage opens, this thing, cricket. Boom! Lizard go get the cricket. What I do is I’m like, hey, what’s our core value? You got it right, here’s your cricket. I know that sounds a little freaky like I’m rewarding people with crickets. What I’m telling you is how do you empower your core values?

First off – it’s okay to post things on the wall, but I always ask myself how do I bring what’s on my walls to life? How do I make them so empowered so people engage and it becomes one in their DNA. So many people out there are doing these crazy ass things like 10 or 20 core values, and brand promises like three sentences long. Here’s the deal. If the owners, and managers, and leaders can’t remember it, sure to hell your team ain’t going to remember it. It has to be simple, easy, and then you have to make it fun and make sure they get a reward when they remember it.

I’m going to give you the last big piece about making your core values and things come to life. Anything, and this is huge, this is worth millions to you, anything that you implement in your business, if you could make that thing apply to what they do in their career, and also that same thing would fit their home and personal life, so there’s no difference in those beliefs. Guess what? That thing will be so empowered it will last forever.

I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you a better and great day. When? Today and every day I just want you to get massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. You know I do.

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