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Delivering Amazing Service


Hey, Mike Agugliaro out here, business warrior bringing you a video. Yeah, this happens to be on the side of our building. Pretty crazy, right? Actually, we got a little.. Well, you can’t see it. We got a little patio area out here for the employees that come and chill when we bring in ice cream and all kinds of stuff. To tell you the truth, I don’t even think they use it enough, so I’m out here using it today, but that’s not what the message is about.

The message is a lot of business owners today are like, “Oh, we’re growing, and we’re growing so fast,” and I’m like, “No, shit, you should be growing.” I mean a byproduct of delivering amazing service is people tell other people, and you should grow, so I don’t know why we always act like it’s such a mystery we’re grown. It’s not a mystery that I grown.

It hasn’t been so much about the marketing. Marketing helps get frequency, and trust, and deliver a message, but guess what? I mean quantum growth happens for a couple other reasons. One, you deliver wow, off-the-hook service, right? A couple things that you probably want to think about, and I can tell you I’ve always delivered. If you go back fifteen, sixteen years ago, we’ve always done exceptional skill. When I was just doing electrical work, we were incredible. Me and Rob … It was meticulous. It was neat. It was fast, but the experience was only pay me and I’ll get it done quick. That’s only one portion of the experience. There really was no before experience. There really was no after experience. There was just experience of we came in like most customer’s say, “Oh my God, they came in like an army, and boom. They just bang this stuff out,” because that’s how we did it. We were fast and furious.

What I’ve learned later in business here is it’s more about today really looking at this conveyor belt of experience. Where does the customer come in? What’s the experience through the whole thing from the first interaction to the job or whatever service you’re delivering out there today? Then, from that point, where does it end up, and where does it stop? Here’s what I’m going to tell you. You should be growing, because when you deliver amazing service, you grow. Just kind of ponder that thought.

What action items should you take? Well, the action item you should take is just ask yourself, “What level of wow service do we deliver? Where’s the block? Is there a point where delivering delivering then stops?” Then ask yourself if you’re doing amazing service but not growing maybe you’re just not asking for referrals, or you’re not asking for customers to please push the message about our great service. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Just ask the question.

All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m committed to helping you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. Have a better and great day. I’m out.

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