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Business Breakthrough: Conflict Resolution

Hey. Mike Agugliaro here, Business Warrior. Yes, bringing you another great business tip here. Today I want to talk about conflict resolution. Are conflicts inevitable? I mean, yeah, conflicts happen in the work place, they happen between … What causes conflicts; there’s judgments, there’s egos, there’s comments that happens, and a lot of times we just try to avoid it. Right?

We’re like, “Uh, it will just work itself out” and a lot of times, yeah it does. But most of the time if conflict is not worked out and there’s not a resolution and there’s not a process to handle it, it gets worse. It just keeps growing and growing and boom it’s a bomb and either you get one person explodes or one person quits your team. At the end of the day I’ll tell you, conflict is not bad, it’s healthy, but a conflict that’s unresolved is destructive because it will just affect profit. It will affect revenue.

Here’s what you could do. First, when you’re dealing with any type of conflict inside your company, don’t avoid it, bring it in. A lot of [inaudible 00:01:13] I just put both people in a room to fight it out, and I’m like, “Hey I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it.” I mean I normally, when there’s a conflict: 1) hear both sides. Bring one side in, what’s going on, let’s get transparent with the truth. Hey, excellent let me get back to you and we’re going to find a way to work this out.

Number 2, bring that person … Then you could see the common ground. Now to bring two people in without understanding the common ground is just, it’s a war right? It’s a tug-of-war, they’re pulling each side, but if I understand common ground, understand common ground, bring them in and help them identify that look, it’s okay to agree to disagree. It really is. My wife taught me this years ago. It’s okay that we agree to disagree on this, but what’s not okay is we can’t stay in turmoil.

We can’t stay in this fighting mindset because it shuts down production and that’s what conflict does, it affects production. Here’s what I want you to do: 1) make sure you map out the steps and you talk to your teams and let everybody know, look conflict could arise and if it does don’t avoid it; bring it to the forefront to the leader or to the manager and we have a process we’ll go through, so not only can we eliminate the conflict we can learn from it and create a new level of empowerment from it.

I’ve watched so many times, even in my own company when we have a conflict, after we do the process, bring them together it’s interesting. All of a sudden those two are on the same team when they seemed so far apart.

Action steps today; 1) make sure you have a conflict resolution process in place, or system in place so you know when it arises we’re going to do Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Okay and then this way go out, create clarity, alignment, and accountability on your whole team so everybody knows it will come up, but not a problem. We’ve got a process, a system in place.

All right, I’m Mike Aguglario I’m wishing you a better than great today and every day. I’m just committed to helping you get massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination.

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