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Communication Equals Success

Hey, Mike Agugliano, business warrior, bringing you another video full of value. Here’s what I want to tell you. Are you barking orders at your employees? Is that what you’re doing? You’re like, “Go get it done, rawr,” Right? How does that work out for you? It rarely works well. It normally doesn’t work well. Here’s what I need you to know, right? Instead of barking orders, what if we just tried things a little different? Because I know it gets frustrating. I remember 15 years ago, I’m like, “Go do this, go do this, go do this,” right? I’m like, “Okay, it should be done.” I go there and I’m like, “What did you do? Idiots!” Right? I’m thinking you’re dumb. Right? Here’s the deal, I was dumb, I was the dumbass. You know why? I didn’t know how to communicate to them to get the results.

See, I was a teller. I was someone who was always telling them things, “Go do this, go do this,” and I was telling it with this certainty of determination. Right? Really, what it was, it was this ass of determination because they were like, “Oh, pfft, I’m shutting that shit down.” They’re like, “I don’t even want to hear that.” Right? You come at me with force, I’m like ninja block, ninja block. Right? That was no martial arts move there. Okay? Here’s what I learned was, one, ask a question. What will you need to be successful on this task, this job, whatever we’re going to do action item today? What do you need from me?

Well, I need it to be explained in detail. Cool, I’m going to run through this steps of the detail, then I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions. Could you let me know what did you hear? They tell me, “I heard this and this.” I said, “Okay, did you hear this?” They say, “No.” “Let me dig in a little deeper.” Then I set a clear expectation for them. “Here’s what I’d like you to do. Can we agree that this could possibly take this amount of time?” They say, “Yes.” “Cool, at the point we’re halfway through, if you see a change, a roadblock, anything that holds you back, could you get in touch with me?” “Yes, I will.” “How?”

See, we don’t really ask the how sometimes because I say, “Can you get in touch with me?” They’re like, “Yeah, left you a voicemail.” I’m like, “I don’t check voicemail.” I’m like, “Okay, here’s what you’ll do. You’ll send me a text, I’ll respond. If you don’t hear me respond in ten minutes, you’ll call the office, you’ll let them know, they’ll get in touch with me. Does that sound like a good plan?” “Yes.” “Let’s review it one more time. Tell me what you heard and what you’re going to do.”

Now this happens in minutes. Now, when I’m doing this, not only coming across with clarity, and I’m not barking, I am teaching them how to be what? A better leader. We want our, all the time, we’re like, “Hey, I got a guy.” People tell me all the time. They’re like, “Hey, I got a guy, he does this for me, and I want him to be a manager.” I’m like, “Excellent. What are the behaviors you’ve been teaching him, the habits, the patterns, the things to do, how to communicate, how to create clarity, alignment, accountability, and the teaching, coaching, and managing. What have you taught them about that?”

“Well, I mean, I talk to him.” I’m like, “Oh, no good. No good.” See, when do you start building leaders in your company? First, day one, everybody day one that enters my company is not looked at the they’ll be there forever. I always see a person and I see them in the future. That’s how I look at everybody. I want them all to get to a further future, to get whatever that is for them. How do I help get them to the further future? I don’t bark out orders, I communicate in a way. Every company is a little different in the world. Sometimes, your guys are a little harder, maybe you got to do the military thing, but make sure is it the best way for them and the best way for you. It has to be both for both people. Otherwise, it’s a one-way street.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliano, I’m committed to helping you, what? Get massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. How many times you get together to hear me tell you? You probably could repeat it by now, can’t you? Go ahead. All right. Good job. Which one do you need the most of? Wealth, freedom, or market domination? Got it. What are you waiting for? Take action.

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