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Business Breakthrough: Coaches

Hey. Mike Agugliaro here, business warrior, bringing you another, yes, business tip. Today, it comes with warnings, warnings and warnings. Why’s there’s warnings? Here’s what the deal is, right? For ten years, I was just sitting there, doing the grind, running on the hamster wheel, spinning, thinking I was doing the right stuff, but I was constantly struggling, right? I was struggling with marketing to figure it out and leadership and all these things, communication and what was the real thing about sales and do I do SEO and when do I hire a guy and how do I get out of a truck …

We seem to be hitting a new ceiling, right? How do I create a new floor and it goes on and on and on. What happens is there’s a lot of warning signs that we try to either justify and we say, “It’s been like that for a long time.” Here’s what I want to tell you. Look, there’re solutions for it. If I was to give you any insight, any advice of any kind on how to change the game, let me tell you what I would do.

Let me first tell you what I would not do. I got no college degree, I graduated vocational school and I learned how to do the technical stuff, but that wasn’t going to get me nowhere. Then what I see in the market today also is I see parents are constantly sending their kids to college. I’m not against college, I think college and all education learning’s great. It just happens, the trend today is there’s more kids with debt from going to college that are living their passions but they’re making no money.

They never get out from the debt and all of a sudden they went to college and … It’s just not working. Here’s what I know what works 100%. Please, this is not about me selling you anything. It’s about me letting you know what worked for me and then maybe it makes a shift for you and you consider it. I learned that when you find a contractor coach, a mentor, a consultant, someone who has done it and done it consistently and does it today, you could save a lot of pain and problems. I was in a truck, driving for ten years, pulling wires, climbing in attics, digging ditches, I dug more ditches with a pickax then you could shake a stick at before we finally got smart and got a trenchin machine, right? I’ve eaten enough insulation and metal chips in my eye, I get that.

I know what it’s like to do that. I also know what it’s like to transition out of that and finally get out of a truck and grow a business. I also know what it’s like when you have forty trucks and things are going really, really well, but all of a sudden the infrastructure is falling apart and maybe the accounting department’s not working or the sales department or the fleet, whatever it is. I also know what that’s like.

I also know what it’s like when you got 150 employees and you’re looking at how do you create an amazing culture. If I was to give you anything to pay attention to, and this is not a business thing. This is like, hey, if you want to get better at your relationships, you want to get better with your belief systems, you want to get better with your business, you want to create greater levels of wealth, look here’s the deal. Find a coach, find a consultant, find a mentor, find the very best one there is out there and find a way to make it work with them. They change the game like this. Imagine if you knew just what to do, when to do it, and why to do it right there on the spot. No big stories, no thinking, no mystery, no, “Hey, what do you think you should do?”

It’s like, “Here. Where are you at? Oh, do this, this, this and you’ll get there.” I hope this is helpful for you. It’s not about selling me at all. If I’m a fit, it’s great, if I’m not a fit, that’s great too. Anybody that’s ever been on the phone with me knows I’m not your typical person. I’m not out there trying to sell people and commit them … No. If I’m a fit to change your life and I’m the one, I’ll change your life. But there’s a lot of people out there that can change your life. The one thing I will tell you is doing nothing, working with nobody that’s giving you solid answers and shoving you.

See, today it’s been so easy, right? A lot of people out there that do work with mentors, and coaches and consultants, like, “Okay, here. Mr. Contractor, you should do this now and it’s like …” Come on. Stop babying this shit around already. They need to walk in and boom, punch you in the throat once and say, “Now you done? Now let’s get this stuff going, right?” You’re so used to being hugged, “Aww, it’s okay, I hear what you’re saying …” No, that’s why I think a lot of people are attracted to me, because I’m like, “Look, I’m going to punch you in the throat, right? I’m going to really come down on you hard so that you finally get out of your own damn way.”

Not everybody likes that. A lot of people want to just be massaged on the back and to their misery. You don’t get that from me. I’m Mike Agugliaro, I wishing you a better than a great day today and every day and yes, if you need a punch in the throat, I’d love to do it. With all the love in the world because I’m very passionate about changing the game. Creating and moving this movement further to change more business owner lives than anybody on the planet. Yes, even you, that’s watching this video, more than anybody on the planet, that’s my commitment, even if it’s a punch in the face maybe just to get your ass straightened and back in gear. All right, more wealth, more freedom market domination …

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