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What Does It Mean To Be a Business Warrior

Hey. Mike Aguglario our here business warrior. I got a great video for you today. Today’s video is to answer a question. It’s a question that comes up every now and then. Some asked me Mike, what does it mean to be a business warrior? I was like, you know that’s a good question. Let me give you some the behaviors of a business warrior.

You see a business warrior is someone who does not, they’re not whining, they’re not complaining. They’re someone who takes massive action, they move fast. They don’t ponder and over analyze things and say stuck and use all these excuses, I have no time. That’s not what a business warrior does.

A business warrior is someone who fights every day. Not is a bad way, in a good way. He’s hungry to hunt everyday, to serve his health at a higher level, his family at a higher level, his business at higher level, his employees at a higher level, his vendors at a higher level, his customers at a higher level. Now have you think today, lets just look around and ask ourselves, are we missing more average people today? Or are we looking for in the world today are just a few more warriors that will take a stand?

You see, I believe everybody was a warrior at some time. And I when I say everybody I mean every man was a warrior at one time. Let me make my point. Cause I don’t know too many boys that grow up and weren’t playing with little cowboy Indian guns and sharpening spears and had a shield and watched the power ranchers or what a John Wayne or whatever you watched as a kid. See we were born to be warriors. To stand tall. To take on challenges. But somewhere along the way, we got beat down, beat down, beat down. Before you know it, that kid that was a warrior, he’s extinguished. He doesn’t exist. He’s now a man that just survives. He just walks through life pondering, wondering, is this really what life is about. Thinking all the mistakes he made, all the challenges he can’t handle. And he just walks lost.

so when you hear me talk about what a business warrior does, a warrior, when he gets tired, he exercises to get energy. A warrior when he feels nasty, he goes and hunts. He knocks the heavy bag around. He gets that out. See the societies today trying to tell the men today to sedate that. Put it inside. Calm down. When all we want to do as men warriors is sometimes we want to just go chop a fucking tree. Yeah, okay tree huggers I’m sorry. We’ll burn the wood, we’ll use it to make food. We’re not going to waste it and just chop a tree. But that’s what we want to do right? We want to go out there and we just wanna feel alive. That’s what it’s like to be a warrior.

When you live, when you live, feeling like that, embodying that, when that’s in your DNA, what kind of challenges are tough? What kind? Not very many. Yes a warrior probably carries a big ass sharp knife. He probably does. A warrior carries himself with a sense of confidence, a sense of discipline, a sense of focus. That’s what warriors do. Again you heard me say, some people asked me, 10 years ago, what’s the one thing, and you guys know when I say what there’s never one thing. There’s a lot of little one things. There’s a lot of things that add to the one thing.

The main thing was, I just needed to become a better warrior. A smarter warrior. To play the game at a different level. With endurance, not getting tired, pushing. You know why? The world deserves that of me, and of you, everyday. The world deserves a world of warriors who step the hell up and take massive action.

Now the ladies out there, I don’t want you to be warriors. And I know some ladies watch this. I want you to be goddesses as queens as something else. Somebody who owns the freedom of being a warrior. I mean of being a woman. A goddess. Because what happens as I see all the time, these woman, and I watch the Anthony Robins do it, you know and have all these women at these events goin, “I’m a gladiator.” And I’m like, okay. Me a guys, I don’t want to sleep with a gladiator. Some guys, it’s okay I’m not judging, sleep with a gladiator, no judgments here. Me, I don’t want to sleep with a gladiator. I do want to sleep with a goddess or a queen. That’s what I do.

So please, ladies, if you watch these videos, this is not for you go get a big knife. I’m not telling you don’t learn how to fight and defend yourself. I’m just telling you, do it within your true core nature and stay true to yourself. Don’t try to become one of these gladiators. Men don’t want that. Men want to be the warrior. Let them breathe, let them live.

I don’t want no nasty stuff written below here on women, but guess what, if you want to, rock and roll. Men what I do expect from you, you should post below. Your should post below, that’s what you should post below. I don’t know how to spell that shit but that’s what you should post because guess what? This worlds got to be done with all these whimpey ass whiners. We need men, business, warriors. That’s it. This things razor sharp just in case you don’t know. Cut right through something.

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