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Business Breakthrough: Building The Right Environment

Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another video. Today’s video, I’m going to tell you how do you get the most out of your employees? Not the most production. We know that most employees are only giving you about 60% if you’re not training, coaching them, and managing them. How do you get them to want to do more in a way where they’re helping you grow by delivering ideas, and suggestions, and ways to improve?

Here’s one of the things I learned. One – you have to be able to create safe, healthy boundaries where they can do that. I know in a lot of companies that I either worked with or a lot of owners that I worked with, when you asked them certain questions like hey, how do you get all this amazing information from your employees? They’re like, well I ask them a question but their answer is really stupid, or this, and that. I’m like yeah, because you’re not building a healthy environment. A healthy surrounding where you can say hey, we want to take any and all ideas. There’s no stupid ideas in here. The only stupid idea is what? No idea.

We want to make sure we create an environment where people don’t feel like they’re constantly going to be judged. We know judgements is a reality. You’re judging this video the minute. You’re judging my email. You’re judging other things and other people every day. When you’re judging you’re stopping. As long as you’re judging things, you’re not learning from it.

What I like to tell you is this. Create a healthy environment. Create a brain-storming session where you can invite different people. It could be a vendor, a customer, it could be a couple employees from different areas. Bring them into an environment and call it a safe zone. It’s a zone of empowerment and no judgments. Now when you go in there and you just ask a question, if there was a way we can do this better, if there was something you seen that we needed to improve, what would it look like? Now people are going to open up and you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to deliver you the most amazing, incredible ideas that are going to blow your business up. Trust me on this one.

Create the healthy area and bring some people in and watch the magic. That’s how you’ll get your employees to serve you more than you ever even thought.

I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you a better and great day. When? Today and every day I just want to get you massive wealth, tons of freedom, and kaboom – market domination.

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