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Business Breakthrough: Breaking The Ceiling

Hey! Mike Aguliara here bringing you a video. Yes, I am. You know I love doing the videos. You guys watch my videos and you know I love doing the videos. Why? Because I love you, right. I do! I know you’re like, “Eh, Mike, don’t get all freaky on me.” I do because I know the people that are watching this … Look. This is life-changing stuff. I deliver these videos. I ask for nothing in return. I just want you to change so you can deliver to your family.

Here’s what I want to tell you today. At one time the 7-minute mile was a marker to break, and nobody could break it. Everybody kept going, “It’s 7 minutes.” They kept stopping here like this. 7 min-. Until somebody breaks the 7-minute mile. Boom! They break through. They break through the ceiling, and what? Creates a new floor. Now they’re 5 or 6 minutes, and then guess what? Someone goes, “I bet if I could run faster, if I could do this, if the wind’s to my back.” Whatever it is. There’s no bugs in my eyes. I don’t know all the logistics for it. Then it’s the 4-minute mile, so I wanted to prove to my company. First off, what do you go to do?

Step 1, recognize. What is the ceiling you that you keep hitting to thinking that’s the goal? See, the goal’s beyond the ceiling. It’s not the 4 minutes. It’s beyond the 4 minutes. So I started saying to myself, “Okay, look. I know we’ve done 23.5 million, but if we’re gonna change the game, we can’t think that our number every month we’re getting, that that’s the number. Let’s go for a number that creates a new floor. Let’s break right through it. Let’s align everybody, and if they believe it and they know that others have broken in the industry, we can do it too. So, here’s the deal, let’s do a 3 million dollar month. What do you think? June, we set it a target. We are going to break the 4-minute mile. Our 4-minute mile. 3 million dollars. Boom. Last day of June, everybody is still running, still charging 3 million and 58 thousand or something. Fwm! Right through the ceiling. Created a new floor.

First we had to believe it, and then we had to understand. It wasn’t a mindset thing. It was a sabotage thing. We kept having this ceiling that we kept setting our markers at. Most people build their budget, it has some growth. It’s a ceiling. Set it beyond the ceiling so you can slam through it. That’s what I’m here to tell you today. Break the 4-minute mile. I want you to. I am rooting for you every day. I’m telling you, I am. I may not know all of you, but I will some day because I am the number 1. That’s the fact. Mike Aguliara wishing you a better and great day today and every day. I just want you, yes you, to get massive wealth, tons or freedom, market domination. That’s what I want. That’s what I want. Go get it. Go get it.

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