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Business Breakthroughs – Why Most Service Companies Are Broken

Hey, Mike Agugliaro here, business ninja, bringing you another episode of ServiceKeyTV. This is me. I’m not trying to be anybody else. This is who I am. Look, a lot of times, we’re like hey, are you getting all the energy-crazy on me on the phone? I’m like, no. Look, anybody who knows me, I’m like this at work. I’m like this at home. This is me. You get transparency, and you get truth. Welcome to this episode of ServiceKeyTV. This is what I’m bringing you. Look, I want to solve the mystery why so many businesses and business owners are broke. Are you ready? Not broke like money-broke, which might be money-broke too, but broke like not working. It’s not fixed. We’re not growing.

Here’s the deal. I just want you to imagine for a minute that you’re going to become a heart surgeon. What is the best way to become a heart surgeon? Just start chopping people up, and go in there and figure it all out. We’ll chop some things and sew some things, and we’ll put it together. If I works, it’s good, and if it doesn’t will chop it open again. I know that’s pretty gross, and maybe it’s because of Halloween time, or if you’re going to become a heart surgeon, what would you do? You would go to school, figure out exactly where to cut, how to cut, the symptoms, so that you know all the right decisions. Then guess what, you get to save people’s lives. Why in the heck is most of you that are watching this video, where all of us can relate to this at one time or another, have we been out there chopping open hearts and we don’t even know what we’re doing?

Most people in a business were so good at their trade, their skill, that they knew how to do … It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a painter or a salesperson. It doesn’t matter … You were so good at that, that you thought that meant now I can go start chopping hearts and grow a business. It doesn’t work that way. You have to learn the fundamental things. I’m not saying about the fundamental archaic things, this old-school thinking, like let’s make a one-year plan. No, I’m talking about look, there’s certain things in place, certain mindsets you have to have, certain behaviors, certain limiting beliefs you have to get rid of. You need certain skill sets. You have to understand the marketing. You have to understand the numbers. You’ve got to know if you’re winning or losing, and you’ve got to know how to execute a tomorrow plan.

That’s why it’s so easy when people come to me, and I spend three days with them, or crap, sometimes, it’s one hour with them, that I can fix so much because I know that we’re not going in. I’m not taking you in and saying okay, let me step back. Here’s the good coach. The coach is like okay, go ahead cut some hearts. Oh, good job. Keep cutting, you’ll figure it out. Keep cutting. I’m like, no don’t cut no more hearts. I can just tell them look, here’s what you need to do. You need to just slice it right here, put this marketing piece in place. You need to answer your phones this way. You need to talk to your existing customers this way. You need to hire this way. There’s no mystery to figure out.

Is it the same for everybody? No, it’s not. If you think it’s the same techniques, practices, skills, mindset and everything, for Texas, or Alabama or Australia, that it is in New Jersey, no it’s not because every business stands in a little different place at a little different time. The employees are different, and the vendors are different, and the communication is slightly different. Everything is different. Guess what, here’s what I’m begging you to stop doing. Stop cutting hearts. Don’t just start slicing and breaking everything. If it’s not me and it’s someone else, look, I hope you find someone else and guide you anyway. Just get to the right person that can tell you cut here today, fix this and get the results you and your family deserve.

I guarantee your family wants you to stop cutting and destroying because they’ve been hearing you whine about stuff all the time, and you’ve been the one doing the damage. That was creepy, wasn’t it? I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. You know what I want to do? Stop cutting hearts. Let me tell you what to cut to tons of freedom and market domination. That’s what I want you to do. What are you waiting for? Go do it already. Come on now.

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