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Business Breakthroughs – What Should You Invest In?

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the $23 million business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind. Today, I’m bring to you … You notice I do this a lot? I guess that’s my thinking pose. Maybe I should be that’s like my power pose and maybe this is my thinking pose and this is when I’m focused or disappointed or something.

All right, today I want to bring to you the concept of investing. Not investing in “let’s invest in a portfolio”, I’m talking about investing in your business. What should you be doing to help your business grow? I know a lot of the biggest companies on the planet. Not only just biggest companies like Zappos and Disney, I’ve studied all of them, but I know the biggest service companies on the planet and I will just tell you that if you think they’re not investing in themselves, in the best equipment, the best software, the best coaches to work with them.

If you see it’s kind of a facade, especially you guys that are in these organizations, you’re like, “Oh, I guess he got big from here,” and there’s a possibility he did, but I don’t know anybody, any service company that I seen on the planet of large scale that got big by just belonging to one organization or one thing. Most of the time, they have experts in multiple areas and it’s normally not experts from an organization or an online or an individual small business coaching program.

Normally, they have many experts. What I would say is: What are you investing in your business? Do you have beat up trucks, beat up tools, beat up coaches, beat up employees? Why don’t you just take this as a challenge today? Go ahead, let’s see if you’re willing to do it. Why don’t you just write down a list of all the things you know you need to invest in that can take your company from where you’re at to where you’re going?

I live in the world of the gap. That’s what you’re doing. Business is law of averages and closing the gap. In between this gap is all the things we need to fix and get better at. Ask yourself: If I was to invest, what would it be?

The next step is: Don’t worry about what it costs to invest in things. That’s something that we can solve. That’s pretty easy most of the time. As long as there’s a return on investment … If you gave me a dollar and I gave you five dollars back every time, would you find 10 grand today? You answered yes. Why wouldn’t you find 10 grand, five grand, 50 grand if you know that you can calculate it and definitely get a return?

I know why. You don’t trust yourself. It’s normally not you don’t trust the program, the process, the thing, the piece of equipment, you don’t trust yourself to either implement it or manage it to get it done. Look, that’s a whole other video and subject to trust yourself, but at least let’s take the concept and theory today of investing and what do you need to invest in.

I will tell you my number one investment. Go ahead and answer it. Is in what? Come on. I’m waiting. Yell at the video. Myself. It’s always been my number one investment because that’s the one thing nobody can ever take away from you. They can’t ever take my brain away and the other thing is I know investing in myself makes all the strategic moves and decisions.

You ever know anybody who has all the answers but they’re still in the same place, still running on the hamster wheel, they’re like, “Yeah, I know everything”? This is good. This is like my T-25 workout. “Yeah, I know everything.” I’m like, “You do? Why don’t you do it?” “I have a problem implementing things.” Oh. Since you know that, now you know that too, why don’t you just do it?

Let’s go out there, invest not only in yourself, your employees, but let’s invest in your customers.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get to, you know what it is, massive wealth, tones of freedom, market domination. Go invest! Invest today!

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