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Business Breakthrough: What Are You Investing Again?

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, bringing you another episode on Service Key TV, yes. You know what it is. It’s another fast-track method and today’s fast track method I want to talk about is investing. No, no, we’re not going to get into the stock market thing and I know I’ve talked about investing a little bit, but when I was thinking back to why I see, why I was even stuck myself at one time, why is the other business owners, and I’ve worked with a lot of business owners, so when you work with hundreds of business owners, you start to see patterns. You start to understand that a lot of people have the same habits, same patterns which are getting the same results, most of the time not the results they want.

Then when you look at others, you could see successful people and you can see their patterns and here’s one pattern that I’ve noticed. When you first started out, you were willing to invest, invest your time, invest your money in learning, especially when it’s a skilled trade. You’re trying to learn plumbing or HVAC or chiropractic care or dental. It doesn’t matter what kind of service business you’re in. You’re trying to learn it, so what do you do? You deep dive in and you’re getting books and you’re asking questions. You’re investing in yourself.

You might have went to college. You might have went to trade school, but then what happens is once you start running, when you don’t get the results you want, you either invest again but invest in the wrong things or you don’t invest at all no more. You think you’ve already invested. Here’s what I tell my employees all the time. The fact that you’re at where you’re at now, you can’t stay there. You can’t be done. It’s not just flat, right? If you’re a good CSR and you just stay there and you don’t grow, you’ll never grow in your results and you’re never exactly where you want to be. How could you be?

Look, you’re either getting better or getting worse but very rarely are you just sitting still, so you have to invest in yourself. Now the level of investment is up to you. I’ve seen two things, maybe three things happen. One, I’ve seen people invest in different things like organizations and online programs, and they invest and they don’t get the results, so they’re like investing and no results. It’s like doing the SEO the wrong way or newspaper or any bad marketing. It’s like I invest and it’s like nothing in return and you’re like, “I invest, nothing in written.”

You’re like, “I like the rep and I met a lot of friends.”, but there’s no return so it feels empty. That’s probably number one. Number two is you don’t invest at all so you’re just stuck. If you’re not learning new things, I mean the people are changing everyday, the products are changing everyday, the economy’s changing everyday, hopefully the president’s changing everyday, I don’t know. There’s all kinds of stuff.

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for and not to vote for, any of that stuff. I’m just saying, “Look, things are changing, light speed.”, and then there’s distractions. There’s the people that just aren’t investing at all and then there’s the people that are invest and it’s not working, then there’s the people that just need to invest. Those are the ones that are investing in the right type of mentors, coaches, whatever it is, products, books, but they take that information. They move forward, they get results. They don’t get results, stop, stop. It doesn’t make sense.

Look for the next thing, get it. Now some people move so fast. Some people invest in so many things, they get paralysis because what happens is I have so much information, so many people. It’s like I’ll take this and they get so confused, they don’t move forward at all. Some people take so much in their super implementers. I’m a super implementer. They take it and they go. Some people will put so many pieces in place that when they step back, they’re like, “Oh my God, this piece is playing against that piece.” They never step back and look at that, that 10,000 cloud view. They never look down and go, “Oh my goodness, I put all these pieces in from different people but look what happens.”

At one time, it’s always better to follow one path, see where it goes, get your results, and then if you have to, start a new path. Today it’s about investing. Ask yourself, from 1 to 10, 10 you invest in yourself. Invest yourself in what change is exactly that you need, because if you’re investing in your health but you’re already healthy but not in marketing to learn how to market, well you’re going to be a healthy, maybe broke person. If you’re investing and learning marketing and sales but not in your health, well you’ll be a rich dead person so make sure you’re invested in the right thing.

Go out there, rank yourself. Get a direction. Make a difference. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day, today and everyday. You know what I help you do, mass of wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. Have a very great day.

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