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Business Breakthrough: Wealth Building Not Job Building

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the $23 Million business blueprint and, boom, service business warrior mastermind bringing you another episode of ServiceKeyTV. Why am I moving so fast? Because you know I’ve got a lot of stuff to cover here so I’ve got to keep the momentum going. Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Business building is about wealth building and right now you’re either like “Yes, I know” or “No you don’t” and I’m sharing this because I didn’t know that. I always treated my business like it was a salary. I was a business owner but was what I? I was treating my business like a job. Let’s face it, that’s what I was doing. I was working really hard, I was getting paid and I had all the risk right? But as soon as I started thinking about the business, my service company as a wealth building mechanism, producing wealth for me to live on for a long period of time, it was a big shift. It’s like I had took a big knock in the head because I started making different decisions and I also started looking at other things different, other opportunities so when we purchased our 15,000 square foot building, I wasn’t looking at that as a facility just to put my company in. I was looking at it as a facility that my company could run in, that also this piece of property well, just happens the property I’m in now, that this property will some day be another thing to the portfolio of wealth building. So if I want you guys to start looking at your business from a wealth building tool mechanism and stepping back from it. Excuse me. That was horrible. I can’t believe it, that was houlahans. That’s disgusting. I’m not even going to keep this video. I’m erasing it. No forget it, I’m not going to erase the video because you know what? Don’t act like you never burped before like really, I’m human. I burped, okay and I said excuse me.

All right, so let’s get back to wealth building like look. When you start looking at it from wealth building, you’re going to start making a lot more strategic decisions on it and removing the emotion from it and also knowing that wealth is going to grow so if you’re putting something in place and it’s not going to grow, it’s going to be flat, well that’s probably not a wealth building tool. That’s probably a waste of money, maybe a waste of time. So today’s challenge on this ServiceKeyTV is for you to think of your business or the pieces of your business as wealth building. Okay? And then start looking where else is there other things you can do for wealth because I’m going to tell you, all the time it’s such a common phone call for me to be on the phone with someone who is like “I’ve been in business 20 years” and look if they’ve been in business 20 years and they started when they were 20, they’re 40 already. If they started when they’re 30 so most of the people are, you know they’re 40, 50, 60 years old and they have no wealth and they’re hostage to the business, not a hostage because you know if something happens, they’re hostage because if something happens to them. If they lose a leg, or they break an arm, or they can’t speak, or they get sick, boom! This things just goes down and you’ve got to ask yourself how fair is that to you, but how fair is it to your family that you built this thing, this business that if one wrong move happens to you it’s done, and you leave a big ass colossal mess to every body behind. I mean how selfish could you be? I didn’t get choked up, I actually had to cough. This is the craziest video I’ve ever done for you guys but let’s just keep going with it.

So look, don’t be selfish. Let’s figure this stuff out. Let’s look at it wealth. Let’s let it build. Let’s put different mechanisms in place and let’s make sure if anything happens to you, it still either produces wealth or guess what? A lot of us, we build businesses for one thing, you have an exit strategy in mind. If that’s your game plan, that’s cool too or you build it because you want to hand it over to family and you want them to run it so they ka-ching. They just kind of make money, you make money and they make a great living too. So look, the challenge today is look at your business as a wealth building tool and change that mindset so you could think about things a little different. All right, I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day today, and every day. Come on, I do this every time and I want to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. Yes I do, and I didn’t speed that up, that’s how fast I talk.

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