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Business Breakthrough: The Secret To Why Your Sales Suck

Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the $23 million business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind, greatest mastermind on the planet bringing you another episode of ServiceKeyTV. This is good. I don’t know if you’re ever going to watch the marketing one that I’ve done in the past. That was amazing.

This one is going to be good. This is going to be sales. Oh, wait a minute. Mike is going to talk about sales. He’s probably got some real “foo foo” stuff to throw at me, some real tricky stuff like: When will your wife be home? Can we call her on the phone? There’s probably some real magic stuff like, “Here, just hold this for a minute while I explain everything to you.” Yes. None of that.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you. One of the very secrets that no one does tell you is that all your objections that you’ll ever get from anybody who says no or not now or tomorrow or the wife, is because of one main reason: It’s because you use the same objections. That’s why. Yeah. You do. Step back and think a minute. I’m going to say a lot of you, maybe not every human on the planet, but I’m going to say a lot of you, when you come to make a decision …

I know because people call me, they get on the phone and we talk about things. We’re like, “Hey, you want to come to the three day? Here’s the investment.” They’re like, “Okay. I’m just going to have to discuss it with my wife.” I’m like, “Hey, that’s perfect because that’s probably the same objection you struggle with with your customers because as long as you need to be discussing things like that and you think after 20 years, your wife is pretty sure you’ll make another crappy decision, well then yeah, your customers will do the same thing.”

What about this one: Oh yeah, wow, that’s a lot of money. I don’t have that money right now. Yeah, probably the same thing you used when you went to go buy a car and TV. Now, if you’re not banging your head now, you probably should because isn’t it true that the same objections you’re fighting with are the same objections that your employees and you are getting?

Let me make it a little worse. Let me stew the soup of pain a little bit longer for you. Not like I didn’t just make it tough enough but here’s the deal. How about the behaviors when you’re walking around your office and you’re like, “Hey, don’t buy that. That’s too much money,” or “Can’t we get that a little bit cheaper?” Yeah, you can. Just like your customers can. As long as you’re always trying to find the line of cheapness, your customers will find a line.

Again, as long as you’re step outside of your own integrity, right, you’re not within the same integrity you want from your customers, you’re going to get the same behaviors from them as you get. That’s why we don’t deal with that problem a lot. You see, because I don’t use all those excuses. Someone asked me just a couple weeks ago, they’re like, “I can get this stuff cheaper online.” I’m like, “Yes, you can. You definitely can but will you have the same relationship with a robot as you will be with a human being who is going to be committed to your success and your business?” The answer is no. Then, I said the other thing: How do you want your customers to buy from you?

I hope this video, out of all videos I do is just a huge wake up call to you. You don’t need all the “foo foo” and hand the pen and write strategic stuff like you’re going to trick people who know how to make a decision. If you’re tricking people in to making decisions they’re not ready for, you know what, that’s bad integrity right there. That’s bad. Bad things happen for that, right? There’s no convincing. There’s only serving. If you serve them right with all the information, they’ll make a good decision, right?

Stop using all the objections you use if you want your customers to stop using it with you and then you’ll experience what we have going on here at my service company. We don’t have those millions of the same objections because I don’t do that. I don’t show those behaviors in my company so those behaviors don’t come back in return.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day, today and every day. I want to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. If this video didn’t just mess you up, nothing will.