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Business Breakthrough: The Carrot and The Stick

Hey. Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another episode of Service TTV. Welcome back, again. Today’s episode is, I’m going to give you a little angle on this. An old theory, but my kind of twist on it. It’s like the carrot and the stick, right. The carrot being the reward, and the stick’s like, imagine you’re holding the carrot in front of the horse, right, or a thoroughbred, he’s riding, he’s running, and he’s like, “Man, I’m going to eat that carrot.” Right? If he doesn’t run to eat the carrot and he just sits there and stares at the carrot, what happened? You got this stick. You’re like, “No, dude. You got to move.” Right? You got to get some action moving here.

My idea on the carrot and stick is it’s similar but a little different. I’m not going to walk around with a stick beating people to get results. I believe the carrot is the reward, the spiff, the fuel, the interest that makes somebody. Now, can you motivate somebody? No, it’s impossible. Only somebody can motivate themselves. Right? You could sit there and be like, “Run, run, run.” And someone’s like… No, you can’t motivate them. They have to be motivated, but if you put a big enough carrot, it’s amazing what kind of movement and energy that creates.

I’ll give you an example. If I was standing here, there’s a big ravine and all kinds of gullies and stuff on the other side, and maybe even a couple of alligators or something. On the other side’s a million dollars. I tell you, “Look. Get from here to there within this time frame and the million dollars is yours.” Now, you are sitting there going, “Man. OK.” There’s this self-motivation. Ahhh, there’s the reward. I’m willing to do that. Now if you tell me, the rewards a million dollars, jump out of an airplane, no parachute. If you live you get the million dollars. I’m thinking, “No. Life’s worth more than a million dollars. I’m not going to take the chance.” Even though some of you are like, “Yeah. I would dive and see what happens.”

The stick in this case, right, is the leverage. I know what I get when I win, but what do I get, or don’t get, what do I have to give if I lose. If I miss the target. I miss the mark. A lot of times I say for leverage, I say, “Well, let me ask you a question. Is $5000 a lot of money to you?” If they go, “Yeah, okay.” I’m like, “OK, wait a second. That’s not enough. How about $10,000. $10,000 is a lot of money.” I’m like, “All right. Now if you don’t hit your target you’re not going to get the reward, but then what I would want you to do is how about you take this $10,000 that you don’t have, that might be really painful to give away, but you’ll give it to a great charity. If you agree to this, though, you’re going to write the check to the charity, send it to me, and I’ll send it out. Because I want to make sure that’s how committed you are to it.”

I say, “How committed are you to winning?” If they go, “Um, yeah. Pretty committed.” I’m like, “No. No, it’s not good enough. You see, your mind always has you set for failure, so you’re not going to commit to this. You’re going to say I don’t want the reward, and I don’t want the leverage.” If you’re that sure and the leverage is so powerful, right. it’s so strong, that you do not even want to think about getting there. Guess what will happen? You’ll accomplish it. You’ll just drive, drive, drive until you hit it. Knowing that, and you have to stay within your own integrity, that if you lose, right, you get the stick.

Now, yeah, the positive side of things is if you lose your support of good charity. The plus side of things is if you win, you got extra money and you can support a charity anyway, or do what you want with it. There’s my theory on the carrot and the stick, or the reward and the leverage, so that you can bring it back to your company. Most people only get one piece. What’s the reward and no consequence. Right? No leverage on the backside, and that’s what keeps people from accomplishing things most of the time. I challenge you to bring this into your company, into your team.

I’m Mike Aguilar. I’m wishing you very great day today and every day. I just want help you get massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. All right, go to work.

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