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Business Breakthrough: Shrink To Grow

Hey, Mike Aguglario, business ninja, founder of the $23 million business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind, greatest business mastermind in the planet. Just, oh yeah, I’m getting a little, sometimes I do a bunch of videos here I got to get a little pumped up, keep the motivation going. Today before we get started in the subject I want to talk about, which is sometimes you got to shrink to grow. You got to expand, you got to shrink things to then expand it. I’m going to get to that in a minute.

I want to tell you about something. If you’re running in a wolf pack and all of a sudden you look back and you’re the only wolf running, you start wondering if you’re with the wrong pack. Look, there’s a lot of great coaches, organizations out there, membership programs and masterminds, here’s what I want to tell you. If you’re in a wolf pack, someone that’s hungry, everybody around you hungry and they’re all striving to win, stay in that pack and drive hard with them.

But if you’re in a puppy pack, running with puppies, whining about the same stuff, you’re still not growing, you’re still not changing, you’re just a little, little puppy dog sitting here doing, “Oh man I’m not doing it.” Get the hell out and find a wolf pack. Find a group of warriors to run and who are going to challenge you and grow you. If you’re working with coaches, you’re like, “I’m not even going to call him. He doesn’t have the answer. I’m tired of dealing with him. He’s not even getting me. I’m in it 3 years. I’ve grown $100,000.” Get the hell out. What’s wrong with you? Why would you even keep doing insanity? Change, don’t come to me. But go somewhere. Go anywhere that’s going to change your life because when you don’t, you’re affecting your family and that’s a shame. Because if you’re doing this 20 years and still dragging your family behind you, road rash on them because as a man you’re not making different decisions, shame on you change that. If this is a tough video, sorry because 10 years ago, yeah, I had to eat my own medicine, somebody was feeding me the medicine I didn’t want to hear.

All right. Now, let’s get back to the subject that I wanted to talk about in the first place anyway. It’s about shrinking. Sometimes I hear from business owners, they got 5 trucks, 6 guys and 8 this and 5 of that and two office people and they’re struggling, they’re suffering. Here’s what I’m going to tell you, if you’re running a lot of the wrong stuff that’s bringing you no money, sometimes it’s better to have a hundred calls, fish through them properly, say the right things so your reputation stays intact but only take the meat, the meat that’s on the bone not the fat around the outside and just run those calls. You’ll have higher conversion. You’ll have better customers. You’ll have better average invoice.

Sometimes I tell guys like, “Look you got 5 truck, 5 guys? Pull one truck off, remove your weak link. Why do you think Jack? Well it was me and I’m telling you he’s a bad guy. He’s like, “Look the bottom 20% have to part ways always made it,” sound like you have an ax and chopped their head off. But look, isn’t that the truth? The bottom 20% in the wolf pack should go, should get rid of them, because there’s no room for that. Then you grow the four up into warriors. Then you could bring another warrior in.

Sometimes just step back and ask yourself. It’s not normally a sense of resources, it’s a sense of resourcefulness. I think Anthony Robbins says that a little bit. It’s a sense of looking at my resources and then being resourcefulness with those resources. Sometimes, if you rank all your employees now from 1-10, 10 being amazing, 1 a dog. Anything below 5, you can’t save them, move them on. Anything 5-7, you got to train them immediately, get training programs in place to make them better. 7-10, you should give them a big hug because they’re your 20% that are probably getting most of the results.

Today I want you to think two things, here’s your challenge. #1, Are you in a wolf pack? Are you running with a group of warriors that are all looking at the common goal and they don’t leave no brothers behind, they just keep pulling? That’s #1. #2, What do you need to shrink down, tighten up, clean it up, to then boom!, expand that to a whole new level in your business?

All right, I hope I got you thinking on this one. I’m Mike Aguglario, I’m wishing you a better and great day today and every day. What do I want to do? I want to help you get the massive wealth, tons of freedom, oh you know it, market domination. Have a better and great day.

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