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Business Breakthrough: Package What?

Hey, Mike Agugliaro. Business ninja, founder of the $23 million business blueprint, and service business warrior mastermind; greatest mastermind on the planet. Today I’m bringing you something that you already, maybe you do, have a little grip on: It’s called packaging. I want this video to be worth, I don’t know, $10 grand, $100 grand, $1 million; let’s see if we can do it. First off this applies to any business.

What is packaging?

Packaging is not so much looking for something and finding something, it’s more adding to. It’s adding value to something that somebody’s already interested in. There’s a little misconception there in packaging, especially in the service industry they’re like, “Look around and see what you see and bring it.” You know what? If the customer has a bad toilet or they have a bad water heater or problem with electric, they want that fixed first. You can enhance those options by packaging it, but you can’t come from left field. Don’t come out and say, “I see you need a new water heater, but let’s talk about the faucet in the bathroom.” That’s just, that whole concept blows my mind. It doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t even serve the customer. But let’s talk about what does make sense serving the customer. Packaging things, like, I bet, let’s see if you answer this, you have a whole house drain cleaning package, right? Do you? Probably not – well maybe you do. But if you don’t, create one today. Also people do like to buy one and get one free or buy one and get something half off. Why is that? Especially if they can give something. Some of us use this drain cleaning product and there’s a lot of them on the market; Bio-clean and other things.

But, I mean, why wouldn’t you offer one, and if it makes sense, why wouldn’t you give the customer a discount off a second one? Maybe they’re going to give it to a family member. There’s another package for you. Now there’s tons of packages I can go over, and one of the things about packages is: One, save the customer money. Right? I was just at a place the other day with my kids – it was a firework place. As soon as we walk in a guy says, “What are you looking for? And by the way, everything’s buy one, get one.” Even though I was worried about buying fireworks and crossing the New Jersey border there, because I felt, like, there was these, all these people worried, like, fireworks are illegal in New Jersey, which still blows my mind. But, the fact that it was buy one, get one, I’m walking through the store going, “Man, this is a huge value here.” Today, I want you to go back, look at your price book, look at everything you offer and say to yourself: What would be the stereo, the TV, the skylight, the better rims in your business that would help serve the customer at a higher level?

All right, I hope this one makes you a lot of money, and serves your customers which will also serve your employees and you as an owner as a whole. I’m Mike Agugliaro, I’m wishing you a better than great day today and every day. You know I want to help you get to massive wealth and tons of freedom and market domination. Have a better than great day.

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