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Business Breakthrough: What Every Business Owner Should Think About

Hey, Mike Agugliaro here bringing you another episode of CEO Warrior TV, another fast track method. Today, I’m going to go a little hardcore so you might want to sit down for this one. It’s going to touch the inside and let me tell you why.

Look, when I look at the level of investment or the level of change or what I’m going to do or the chances I’m going to take, I look at it and I always put it in perspective. I say to myself, “Where am I going to live to? What is my life expectancy? This is such a tough question because every time you put a line in this end, I believe that becomes a new limiting belief and you create that.

If I say, “Look, I’ll live until 90 years old, active, alive, running and I’m 50,” well, that means I got 40 years left. I have a framework and then you’d say to yourself like “Man, if I have that belief, then jeez, like “Why not 100?” Or maybe … I don’t know.

What I do want to do to make my point today, let’s say that you think you’re at 80 years old, you’re going to be vibrant, you’re going to be alive, you’re going to be living, you’re going to be growing things, businesses. I wrote a couple of numbers down because I want to make sure I had it right.

Let’s say you’re going to live to 80 years and you’re 50 now and you take 50 years times 365 days … No, if you take 30 years so you’re going to live to 80 years old, you’re 50 now. That’s 30 years times 365 days, you have 10,850 days of great quality life to live.

Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a lot of time. Now if you look at that for the weekends that you would have, you would have 30 … Let’s see here, so it would be 52 weeks times the 30 years. You would have 1,560 weekends left, add it to your 50 and you’re going to live to 80. Let me just put this down a minute.

I don’t know about you guys but when I look at that ticking time clock, and I don’t want to say it’s like a bomb but there is a time frame. Nobody’s lived to 200 so far so there is a time frame.

Ask yourself within the time you have left and here’s the unpredictable part, a lot of people use this or like “Yeah, I got it” but you might go tomorrow and I’m like “Yeah, you could.” I don’t think that way so I don’t have that belief system that tomorrow may be my last day. I’m all of a sudden attracting cars and airplanes to crash, I don’t believe that. That’s not mine. You could take that on if you want to.

What I do believe though is I want to make sure that I live this length of life, this quality of life to the certain amount of years. For me, it’s 115. I believe in my mind that I can get to 115 without walking around in diapers and crap them myself and that stuff. A healthy body, and I’m doing everything I can from my mind, my body, my spirit, and everything to get me there.

Now this is no foo-foo video that tell you, “Go to the other side” or anything like that. It’s not about that. I just want to get to the point. There is a time frame and within that time frame, what are you willing to do to or not do to make sure that you can get to where you want to go? Because we all know that no matter what, when you’re a hundred years old, you’ll probably move a little slower. Maybe, don’t mind me give [inaudible 03:08] belief.

I feel when I’m a hundred, I’m going to move a little bit slower, not much but just a little bit. When you look at that 10,000 days, what would you tolerate from your employees? What kind of customers would you allow like if you had a bad customer knowing you only have 10,000, 11,000, 15,000 days left, would you tolerate things from a customer that abused you?

Would you not give it all you got to make it to where you want to go in your business so your business can serve you, your family, and your family’s families for generations to go when you’re done on this planet?

I’m only sharing this because this is something that goes through my head all the time. I’m always putting that reference like there is a time. There’s a certain amount and I’m not willing to do anything that I don’t love or I don’t believe in or I don’t think is going to get me to the next level, knowing that that’s pulling away that valuable time to me.

I notice a little different of the video but I want to be within the integrity and share with you guys everything that I’m thinking, everything that I’m doing so that if there is value, and I feel there’s a lot of value in this. I mean, when you know there’s a ticking time and you have a wife, you will grab every single hug from your wife. Every single hug from your children that you can in this lifetime. That’s how I know it.

Because I know there’s a time I might starve for that. I might starve for that. Just like at the end, they say there’s a couple of regrets not spending more time with people, that balance thing. Another regret is what? That they didn’t go for it. They didn’t take the chances that they were going to take and I don’t want you to be in that position. I want you to take those chances.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? You probably experienced hard times before, is that true? So what, you will experience them again? You’re so much smarter than you have ever been, that’s why you won’t go there and it’s the fact that you have that limiting belief that if you jump forward and you take a leap and do things different than ever before, you’ll end up back there because you failed once.

Thomas Edison, 9,999 times he attempted to make the light bulb. On the 10,00th time, he makes the light bulb. Someone says to him, Thomas Edison, “Hey …” I don’t know, I’m going to power-phrase mine like “Tom, you failed 9,999 times. What’s wrong with you?” I don’t know where the Italian, maybe it’s my Italian came out or something. He’s like “No, I didn’t fail. I found 9,999 ways how not to make a light bulb.”

Imagine if he gave up then, we would be in the dark. For me, being an electrician at one time, I probably wouldn’t have a career or something the way I had it. Think about this time frame thing. Don’t get too deep in it. Shake it out a little bit. Shake it out but put in perspective for that you need to make the next steps today.

All right. I’m Mike Agugliaro, I’m wishing you a better and great day, today and everyday. I want to get you the massive wealth, tons of freedom, market domination. Have a better and great day.

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