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Business Breakthrough: Naming Your Meeting

Hey, Mike Agugliaro, business ninja, founder of the 23 million dollar business blueprint and service business word of mastermind, greatest mastermind on the planet. What am I bringing you today? From the war room again, so I’m back in the war room here, do a little different perspective than my back yard. I figured I’d get a bunch of videos done today. What do I have for you today?

I want to talk to you about the power of naming your meetings. Most of the time you’re probably saying when you have a meeting you’re like, “Hey everybody, meet me in the other room. We’re having a meeting.” And then everybody’s like, “Oh man, here we go, another meeting.” How about you companies out there that you’re like, “10 o’clock every Thursday we have a meeting.” Have you noticed that those meetings kind of fizzled out and you talk about stuff and there’s no action items at the end of the meeting? Have you noticed any of that happening?

Well, yeah, because you know what? After time, not having the right positioning for the meeting, the right structure, the right direction and understanding that meetings are meant to decide, to make action steps, otherwise it’s a social gathering and a waste of time. One thing that I do is I call my meetings level 10 meetings. That means you can’t come in there like, all like groggy and sloppy and stuff. You’ve got to come in with a level 10 sense of energy.  Because when your energy and you physiology is up and you’re kind of, you’re ready and you’re getting, that’s when moves, strategic moves are made.

Today’s challenge is this. Look, examine what your meetings really are. Is your structure of your meetings old, dried up, fizzled through, that you need to bring a new life? Give a name to the meeting and let’s fix these things up. At the end, right? You’ve got your start, your stop, your keep-doing list, if that’s that type of meeting, or you have your action items, your rocks, your things that you have to tackle and get done.

A lot of times even when you do these meetings … my vendors know if I’m on the phone with my vendor or we’re having a meeting, they know it’s level 10. We’re in there to play hard and take action. That’s it because you know if it’s a social gathering, well then we could go out for a dinner and have that type of stuff. Today’s challenge is examine your meetings your having them. First off if you’re not having them, you probably need to have some, right?

A company with no meetings may have very poor communication with lack of alignment. Look at your meetings. Make sure there’s alignment, clarity, accountability and that these meetings are bringing level 10 energy to them and that you have a structure. If you’ve got to go back and tweak and change it, change it now.

The last thing about meetings is you can survey your vendors, your managers, your employees. “Hey, tell me a little bit about the meeting.  Write it on a piece of paper, dump it in a box. I don’t need to know who you are.” A lot of times you’re going to get, “Yeah, they’re boring, they’re dry, they’re old, so and so won’t shut the heck up,” whatever that is.

The challenge today, fix your meetings. I’m Mike Agugilaro wishing you a better than great day today and every day and I want to help you get to mass of wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. You know I do.

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