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Business Breakthrough: Marketing Truck Wraps

Mike Agugliaro, bringing another episode of Service Key TV. Today’s fast track episode is about marketing. We’re going to talk about truck wraps. Not only are we going to talk about truck wraps, we’re going to talk about a little bit of the marketing of your vehicles and what’s driving around.

First, when you’re thinking about truck wrap, what do you have to think about? A lot of people say, “What color would it be? What design would be on it?” It would be premature for me to give you any type of insight of how your truck look without doing a little market evaluation.

What I’m looking to do with a truck wrap or a truck design, is I want you to imagine a football field filled with a whole bunch of little yellow balls. The whole football field is yellow. Then all of a sudden I take a big, black ball and I throw it in the middle. You look out there. Do you say, “Wow, look at all the yellow balls?” Or do you go, “What, what’s with that black ball in the mid-?” That’s what you say. You say, “Do you see that black ball?”

When I’m designing a truck wrap or guiding one of my warrior clients in the service key mastermind on how to do it, I want them to become the black ball. That’s what we’re looking for.

Another thing about truck wraps, once you get your kind of design is, what’s got to be on the design? There’s some truck companies out there, wrapping companies, do beautiful designs if you’re entering a show and the truck’s sitting still. A mentor told me a long time ago, over ten years ago, Al Levy, a friend of mine, he said, “Look, with a truck it doesn’t matter how it looks sitting still. It matters how it looks when it’s going 50 miles an hour. At 50 miles an hour with this bubbles and faucets and all this stuff is like this. Boom! It’s gone.”

Look at my arm and my [inaudible 00:01:37], watch. You don’t know nothing. It’s gone. Simple always works better than complex. We got have a simple message. We need to make it look unique from what’s in our market today. That gets a little difficult because once you’re unique other people become unique, the copy-cat marketers. Then you’re un-unique. Normally, within a ten years that happens. You got to do a rebrand and a refresh to make it. McDonalds and Coca Cola and Nike, they’ve all had these little versions of refresh.

The other thing is you have to make sure on your truck wrap, is the brand congruent with what you want to attract? I’ve probably said this before. If you ride around with a truck with dog on it, a happy dog and happy family, and you have cat lovers, not that they’re not going to call you.

They’re not going to be attracted to it like if you had a cat and it was a cat lover or a dog if you’re a dog lover. Sometimes it’s better not to have any pets because if somebody’s allergic to pets, they’re thinking, “These people are cat and dog lovers. I don’t want them in my house because they might have cat fur. I’m allergic to it.”

What if there’s a really happy family and the divorce rate is still over 60% … Actually, the scary thing is divorce rate is down. You know why? People aren’t getting married no more. Not any better, but if I’m a single person and I got this truck with this happy family. I’m like, “I don’t want the happy family come to my house. I’m miserable,” or “I’m alone. I just want a company that’s not going to come in and be over-happy and stuff, do a good job, change me a good price.”

You got to be careful what’s on the truck. Does it make sense? Does it serve? Look, a truck is to create brand and make somebody make a decision. it’s brand, brand, brand. I see it. I seem them. I see it. I see it. I need it. I remember them. I call them. That’s it. You’re not looking for them to call them and see if they want to go on a picnic together. You want them to call you for the services.

One of the last things I’m going to give you on this video, which is like a little secret ninja tip here, is how do you get your trucks to work 24 hours a day? I know a lot of guys out there, service owners, they make everybody come back to their shop. They’re like, “Bring all your trucks back. I don’t want you to bring it home. I’m this micro manager. I want to just manage all my little military things back at the shop.”

You lose all that brand impression when it’s park it in driveways and driving around at nighttime. That’s why we let everybody bring the truck home. When you look at it, you’d pay 3,000 for a billboard. It’s cheaper for me. I already own the vehicle. What is it? Some gas money.

Here’s a good, little tip. If you can put reflective material on your truck positioned in the right place, even when it’s driving at nighttime and light hits it, it attracts people’s eyes. It looks like an ambulance. It glows. You could put reflective material on it. Besides reflective material, if you want to get created, you could create different types of lights. It always becomes, you could a lot of money into anything.

Once you start to scale, can you do it for everything? Which is a good lesson. Maybe I’ll do that on another video on how do you plan things for when you’re going to scale.

Back to the truck wrap. Keep is simple. Keep it effective. Make sure the name is brandable and it makes an impact in the market. Go out and get your trucks to work better for you.

I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better and great day today. Every day I want to help you get the massive wealth, tons of freedom, and boom! market domination.

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