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Business Breakthrough: Lumpy Mail

Hey, Mike Agugliaro. Business ninja, founder of 23 million dollar business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind, greatest mastermind on the planet. Yes, this is not a second head. This is a watermelon. So why the heck do I have a watermelon? Well, first off, I’m going to cut this bad boy up later and we’re going to eat it because this is looking pretty good. But that’s not why I have a watermelon today. I have a watermelon today to talk to you about lumpy mail.

What the heck is lumpy mail, you’re saying. Well, here’s what I’m going to tell you about lumpy mail. Now I’m just going to sit here and hold this watermelon, kind of like a little baby that I have here which, I’m not having no more baby watermelons right now. Here’s what lumpy mail is. If you’re looking to do a direct mail strategy, there’s a couple ways to do direct mail, right? You could do postcard and you could do that on a couple different levels. You could do a small postcard, medium, large, colossal, right? Then there’s envelopes. There’s things that you can have to cut open to read. Then there’s watermelons.

So I want you to think. If I was to send something to a customer that I just wanted to get real impact. I wanted to make sure that they recognized it. Do you know I can mail this to a customer? Now, maybe it’s not cost-effective to do this, but I want you to ask yourself, what do you sell, and how many things do you need to mail and how much impact do you want to get from your direct mail program to be really noticed?

First off, everybody still goes to a mailbox today. Not everybody, almost everybody. The second thing is, everybody pulls what’s in there and then they sift and sort. I’m must thinking if they got this, they’re going to pay attention.

Now let’s bring it down a little bit. Let’s go to something a little more simpler for lumpy mail. You could have an envelope. You could mail a plunger to somebody. You can mail a coconut. You can mail a garbage pail. You could just jam stuff inside an envelope. Something that feels like something. Everybody has gotten something like this. What about a dollar bill? If I had sent you a letter and I put a dollar on there and said, “Hey, this is really important, I needed to give you this dollar so that you’d read this whole letter. Because I’m afraid you’re throwing money away and I want this dollar to start to replace it. Do you realize that an HVAC system that’s over 10 years old could be costing you time and money and comfort? Now, would you read it if you had a dollar? Now, I know some of you guys out there are like, “Hell no, thanks for the dollar”, put it in your pocket and throw it out. But reciprocity really does click in, right? Someone gives you a dollar, you feel obligated to read it.

Today’s challenge is, what could you create on the lumpy mail side of direct mail to make sure that you’re making an impact? I have one that I’m unleashing right now, a lumpy mail, that this thing is going to four times, maybe even five times, my water filtration sales, guaranteed. I have a couple other little … I don’t have no sleeves but a couple other direct mail, lumpy mail secrets up my sleeve that have worked really well. So step back and ask yourself, what could you mail the customer? Could it be cost-effective, and what results do you need to get to make it worthwhile?

I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a better than great day today and everyday and I want to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom and market domination. And a watermelon.

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