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Business Breakthrough: Focus

Oh yes I did. I broke out my baddest, toughest looking headband for today’s business breakthrough lesson. I’m Mike Agugliaro the business ninja, and I’m bringing you focus today.

Focus is a lesson, a lesson that I learned over 30 years ago. You think that you’re born with focus. First you have to focus to crawl and then focus to walk, but my grandfather said something to me 30 years ago that stuck in mind, and I want to thank him today for what it’s helped me to grow and become. What he said to me was … I was doing soccer and all kinds of things, but I wasn’t committing to one thing. He said “You know, Michael. You just never commit to one thing do you?” Even though he didn’t turn around and give me the lesson about focus and what it meant, I learned it. It became intuitive, and since then, I started training martial arts for over 30 years not.

This isn’t a martial arts lesson here because I got my bad ass headband on. The lesson is in focus. In business and in life, if you could just write down the couple things that you know you have to focus on and then just commit to it 100%. Stay on track. What happens today is a lot of people are so distracted by everything, distracted by the cell phones, distracted by the computer. Someone comes up to you and it’s like SQUIRREL, and then you get back on track again. You’re like “Oh yeah. I got to do that.” SQUIRREL. Then before you know it, it’s lunch time and dinner time and night time.

Here’s your business challenge today, everybody knows the couple things that they need to focus on. The things that will really, really move the needle in life and in business. I challenge you to take on one of those things. Stay laser focused. Search for mastery in it because the closer you get to mastery, the closer not only do you own that skillset, those things, you’ll own yourself too.

I’m Mike Agugliaro wishing you a better than great day today and everyday, and I wish you massive wealth and tons of freedom.

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