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Business Breakthrough: Fix Yourself First

That was weird, right? I was just messing with you a little bit. Look, if you can’t have fun and that’s not what this video is about, some of you guys are just sit too stiff. You’re like, “Look at me, I’m a big trades guy.” Stop being so stiff and relax. Let’s get back to human state. Right?

All right, I’m bringing you another episode of CEO Warrior TV here. This episode, what I want to talk to you about, which I think I just forgot what I was going to talk about. I have so many things.

Okay. Completely, forgot what I was talking about, but guess what? I’m not going to stop this video. I’m just going to keep going until I figure it out because it was a really good subject. Hang on a minute.

Fix yourself first. Now you might thing that was part of this whole thing, but it wasn’t. I actually just forgot, which is pretty funny because this whole subject’s about fixing yourself first.

What is broken?

Why is it some companies like mine excel and other struggle so hard? Why is it that some companies that can go from brand new to millions in a couple years, but some never break a million? How come that some people can have 130 employees like me, and some can’t even hire one more employee?

Well I’m going to give you one of the keys. The key secret here, one of the secrets of business mastery, right? Here’s the secret, is you got to fix you first. Now look, I don’t want to say you’re broken because we all know, the one thing nobody wants to hear is you’re broken, but I do want to say is that I just want to get you back to where you were before because it does take a toll on us when we make a decision and we get bad results.

Then we make a decision and we get bad results, which keeps us from what? We start getting so gun shy to actually make a decision, which then we never move forward at all.

Here’s what I a want to tell you. Look, there’s a lot of experts out there that can help you better you, but if you don’t fix and get aligned. That’s why during … When we’re in the event, my three day event, or I’m talking, a lot of times I’m just look, I’m just looking to figure out you first because if I tweak that, solve that, and get you believing not only in yourself.

Some of you guys are like, “No, I wake up. I’m positive and I’m happy and I’m jumping,” and you’re like, “I’m excited,” but I’m not moving anywhere. Yeah, because it’s a really good act. The fact is you have to be excited and then step. Then you have to get excited again and step with the right thing. Then if you make a bad decision, you just have to get excited again and step to the side so you don’t make that same bad decision again.

Here’s today’s CEO Warrior challenge. Today’s challenge is really look at you because there’s so many people out there that are just willing to take your money, take your funds, take your time, and they’re not willing to make sure you are right for you. That’s something I am not willing to ever do, is take somebody’s money without fixing you first. Making sure that you’re mind is in the very best place for success, to think the way successful people that grow companies do.

Does that make sense? Come on. Just be like yeah, it make sense, because so many of you guys have wasted time, money, energy. You’ve dragged your wife around through the mud and everybody else, right? You’re not doing it and it’s your fault.

First, take ownership and be like, “You know what, okay, it’s my fault. I got that.” Second, “What do I need to change?” A lot of times you need someone to run you through that process of change because sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves. I get that. I couldn’t see myself. Other people were able to just look at it and go, “Ah, I see it. Just tweak this and tweak that”

The second thing, is once you have that mind fix, now we can start putting the skill sets in making decisions, but I will tell you that anybody out there that’s made it from … You know, a good friend of mine [Todd Gastro 00:03:52], he says, “Look, you can’t grow a million dollar business with a hundred thousand dollar mind.” I so believe that.

When people hit five million or ten million and they’re stuck, it’s the same thing because you have to personally be growing. Now wait a minute. You guys might have seen the video I did on consumption. Growing is not about consuming tons of information into your brain. That’s not growing. Growing is about consuming exactly what you need to do next to keep your mindset three steps ahead of where you’re going.

You already see, it’s like I send out a scout. I’m like, “Hang on, we’re not going to leave, go scout.” The guy runs and he looks over the hill and he’s like, “Clear.” He runs back and he goes, “We can go,” and we all walk safe, right? It’s about getting your mind to be that scout that’s way out there.

Not a visionary out there because that’s a little different. A lot of people are like, “Yeah, I’m going to get the Google Glass and we’ll get all fancy.” No, sometimes that’s the right things at the wrong time, right?

Here’s your challenge today. Whatever you got to do, get your mind where it needs to be. Fix yourself before you spend another dollar, another dime, any more flights doing anything else.

I’m Mike Agugliaro. I’m wishing you a seriously, seriously better and great day and I want to get you to massive wealth, tons of freedom, and market domination. You can not get that, most of the time with the mind you have. You need to get it with the mind you need to get.

Go get it.

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